Geyser Of The Month

This is what happens when you drive your Porsche into a fire hydrant, and when I have a camera phone. No one was hurt!

Yellow …

what is with people getting yellow cars? Yellow is not the new anything, it is still yellow. Yikes!


You know, I may have one foot in the grave, but I still love buying records. Have been buying lots of older records. Folk With A Beat is a real oddity. A 60’s cash in record by Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan, doing folk songs. Hear Jimmy Page does a version of “White Summer”, that would be his show piece in The Yardbirds, 2 years earlier, wild stuff, great guitar playing. I collect Jimmy Page session records – yes, I am a geek! Another fun find “I’m Coming Home” -The Nashville Teens 1967 45 produced by Shel Talmy, sounds like The Easybeats at their best. Glitterbest compilation, great CD that is UK music at the end of Glitter, before Punk, lots of fun. RPM in the UK has been releasing lots of fun stuff. I say go forward, and collect!!!!

– Danny


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