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    April 1, 2007 by  
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    Gospel Part 1
    1990s do Nissans!

    We thought we would show people who do not live in the U.S. what lab faves 1990s Nissan spots look like…here are a couple of the spots:




    Gospel Part 2
    Adam on Gray’s Anatomy

    Adam Merrin of The 88, does not keep busy enough, being in the band, being the band’s point person, he also took the time to record a E.P. and landed a song on Gray’s Anatomy. Now he can rest – I doubt it! Here is the scene.

    Gospel Part 3
    Baby Went To Amsterdam


    The lab went to SXSW, and while we were watching Peter Bjorn & John live my dog baby heard the lyric to Amsterdam, and became a instant fan…no lie…all true! Photo by Sparklesquirrel


    Single Of The Month

    June 1, 2006 by  
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    Single Of The Month
    Graham Coxon’s new single is my pick of the month. “You and I” starts with a Bob Dylan like verse and breaks into a very Ray Davies Kinks melody. Quite a nice single. Check it out kids!

    Have some very good new artists that are worth your time,so if you would like to hear any, let us know. Helene,The Flies, Blood Red Shoes, The Longcut and Peter Bjorn & John to name a few. The Class of 2006?

    Yes I love my dog! She loves you too! Baby May 2006 Gorilla In The Mist?




    – Danny


    Erika Ankles Lab, Paull Accepts New Gig

    April 1, 2006 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Sadly Erika Sanchez is leaving us, and we wish her the best!! She is getting married to a great guy! Congrats!
    Melissa Paull is returning to the lab! Welcome back!

    Movie Pick Of The Month
    Saw the film Brick the other night,my pick of the month. High School meets film noir and you may have to allow for a little stretch of the truth,but it is worth it! Acting and dialogue are a lot of fun!

    Photos Of The Month
    Part 1:  Baby Likes Her Ball

    Yes Baby in action in the Benair Backyard

    Part 2: Monty Monty Monty!!!
    Yes see the very famous Monty sleeping for the 3 minutes he does a day!


    The 88-Fate

    January 1, 2006 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    the88_300Fate is a funny thing. I grew up in Panorama City, and on my block was the biggest family,at the time, in all of the San Fernando Valley, or at least it seemed that way. They would actually compete against the rest of the block in games, led by Conrad.
    Fast forward I go see Supergrass at Spaceland, and as we leave I am handed a CD EP by a band, not the first or last time that has happened.

    A few days later, that CD come to the surface in my car, I play it and it is a advance EP of The 88’s first record I was blown away I LOVED IT!!!

    I approached the band, and have been representing them ever since, oh and yes that family in Panorama City well that was Keith Slettedahl of The 88’s family, and Conrad is his dad!

    I love this band, and we have a had a great time working together. Have a look at a couple new clips with the band.clip 1clip 2 |

    Special to The Press-Enterprise
    The 88, led by Keith Slettedahl, center, just might be the most famous unsigned band in the U.S.

    The irony is that he only has his band to blame for the onslaught of questions. The 88, a lush pop-rock act in the vein of Wings led by Slettedahl’s Ray Davies-esque vocals, just might be the best-known unsigned band in America.

    The group’s music has been heard on the Fox teen drama “The O.C.,” as well as the show’s soundtrack. They’ve performed on the late-night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and have shared the stage with Elliott Smith, Dave Grohl and The Thrills. All of this leads to the recurring line of interrogation that Slettedahl can do without.

    Why has this band not been snatched up by a label?

    “At this point, I can’t really speculate on that; I don’t know what it is that people are looking for,” the bespectacled singer said on the phone from his LA apartment. “When you start a band, you’re just playing for fun, and I know that if you want to make a living at it, you have to deal with things like this, but it gets old. I can see how other musicians can get derailed and caught up in the business and forget about why they started in the first place.”

    It’s not that there haven’t been offers in the past. It’s just that nothing has been enticing enough to lure the group out of its do-it-yourself roots. This is a band that made a name for itself by passing out thousands of free, four-song CD samplers to promote its self-recorded debut, “Kind of Light.” One of those samplers landed in the hands of a man named Danny Benair, who happened to be involved in placing music on “The O.C.” He got the song on the show, which helped put the The 88 on the radar of a new group of fans.

    “The great thing about that is it’s given us exposure to an audience made of excited kids,” Slettedahl said. “I mean who wants to play around LA for a bunch of jaded musicians? I don’t need to impress that guy.”

    The band has attained enough monetary success so that only one of the members works in addition to playing in the band, which is impressive, considering that there are wives and children to worry about. The group has also started venturing outside of Southern California, and according to Slettedahl, the reception has been great.

    So maybe the real question should be, “Does The 88 even need a label?”

    “I’ve noticed that we tend to work a little bit harder than other bands, and there are guys in the group that are really good at following through with things,” Slettedahl said. “It’s not that we’re not open to working with a label. They would just have to prove they could do more for us than we’ve been able to do for ourselves.”

    Dangerous Men
    How can I explain this movie … I could really spend an hour talking about the new Ed Wood John S. Rad, but instead, let the LA Weekly review do the talking. It is maybe the best worst movie I have seen in many years… Genius… ??? Maybe… It is appearing around LA at Midnight Movies, but have a glimpse to get a idea!!

    dogs_jan06My Dogs

    ? Why? Because I can, Monte and Baby.

    – Danny


    What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

    August 1, 2005 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    Baby (French Bulldog), and Monte (American Eskimo) want everyone to know what they did for their vacation …as you can see, they know how to party!

    All Good Things Come To An End….Or So They Say…
    Well, the lab is ready for some big changes … Heather Kreamer, and Sally James are leaving the lab. Heather got an offer she could not refuse (I think I will be working for her in six months!!!), and Sally is off to law school, where she will be suing all the evil doers in no time.
    I will miss them both dearly, but wish them a FANTASTIC future!!!! It has been great working with them, and for that…A BIG THANKS!

    – Danny


    20 Questions with the lab ‘05 edition

    June 1, 2005 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    – the lab get grilled by Jon, their web monkey yet again!

    1. Every time I hear it, I can’t help but hum it

    The Bump by Kenny

    2. Outstanding use of a song in a movie or TV show during the past year?

    Hey Scensters The Cribs on The OC

    3. Memorable live music moment of 2004?

    Kaiser Chiefs

    4. What was the last thing you ate?


    5. Take just my word for it … you gotta click here

    6. Favorite TV moment of the past year?

    Shutting it off…or…The Red Sox Winning the Sorld Series, but that is soooo ’04

    7.  Why the heck isn’t Peter Ibbetson available on DVD yet?

    8. Enough with the Bump already people!

    9. I’d rather be day dreaming about …


    10. You might not expect it, but I totally love …

    The Bump by Kenny.

    11. I’m counting down the days until …

    I go on vacation (none planned)

    12. My most recently acquired hobby or interest is

    Same old crap:,buying records…

    13. If I could ask anybody one thing and get a complete and honest answer, it would be

    …What happens when we die?

    14. Favorite Urban Legend:

    The Hitchiker

    15. I secretly wish I could be None (character) from ( the movie or book  ) for a day.

    16. The last book I read was …

    Behind The Scenes On The Pegasus Carousel

    17. I used think they were singing “Louie Louie” when they were really singing “Louie Louie”.

    18. My most recent outburst of laughter came from …

    Watching my dogs.


    19. My specialty meal that I can cook from scratch is …

    Matza Brei

    20. More people should listen to …


    – Danny


    The Losing Team, Chesterfield, and Tracy Spuehler Tours Natural Energy Lab’s secret location!

    December 1, 2004 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    Well the last couple months have shown me one thing. I know how to pick a loser! From Kerry (what about those exit polls!!), or my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers (Hey! We finally won a playoff game, used tickets not shown).

    Don’t hold this against me, I am really trying, I just could not face myself rooting for the Yankees or George Bush!

    At least the Red Sox won!


    Here is Chesterfield, the white Boxer, who is very sick, with Baby. I’m just glad for everyday he is around.

    Tracy Spuehler Tours Natural Energy Lab’s secret location!
    Tracy was given the secret handshake, and can not reveal our second location, but we allowed her to take photos, promising her no bodily harm!

    Here are Tracy’s photos that she took! … The actual buildings can not be photographed!





    Florence Italian Style …

    March 2, 2004 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    The Continental leaves the country and head off to Florence Italy, his kids say bye!


    Baby looks out the window, as our hero leaves.


    Baby looks out the window. Where is the family?

    The Swiss Alps, almost there!


    Upon arriving in Florence one of the first things on the agenda, was to go to the city of Lucca, about 90 minutes outside of Florence surrounded by a wall, this is the tower, great flea market.

    This is in the square, rather nice!


    Upon our return to Florence, I was shocked by the wild animals loose on the street! What the Italians thinking! Baby Bear!!!

    At the National Museum.

    This is the outdoor patio of the museum.

    One of the most exciting parts of Florence other than the food, though avoid sandwiches on the Arno, OUCH! they bilk you for lots of money. The Duomo is a amazing church in the center of town, the ceiling is beyond description from the 13th century, heaven and hell and everything else are on the ceilings. Did the walk to the top of the Duomo, small staircase (13th century), did not realize until after, that it was 497 steps to the top, heart attack’s here we come! Here is the view from the top of Florence.Click to watch.


    The Continental at the top, thinking, about jumping! Hey! Who is the guy on the right?

    One of the things, I found out very quick, is that they love dubbing films, and TV shows, tried to go to the movies, could not find a film in english, and TV, well Sex In The City, may be over, but it’s in Italian!! Have a peak!


    Hail Caesar! With a Cappuccino
    Made the trek via Eurostar to Roma for the day, outside the Colosseum, Romans are ready for a acient pose, but they get breaks too, as pictured!

    Now THIS is history!

    Viva Rome!

    The balcony of the hotel, nice!


    Well after, a long day, have to have a drink, which was followed by what may have been the best pizza I have eaten, it was in Roma at Baffeto, the cook was almost as good as the pizza, sounded like Brando in the Godfather.


    Glad we did not have to clean the room! The food was pretty damn great, a couple of faves, not sure I want to tell.


    The Continental on the balcony of the hotel, Arno with it’s Otter’s, I kid you not, is in the rear.


    Bye room, time to go home.

    Paris France airport, nice terminal.


    Nokia 3650

    February 1, 2004 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Nokia 3650

    I just bought the 3650, mobile phones are not something I live or die for, but I like a phone that takes picture and video. Video, how long will it be before a photo or video captures an amazing moment that is newsworthy? I love when you see people fairly far from the stage at a concert shooting stills by using the phone. Wow! real bad photos far away taken on your camera.

    I have decided to share with you 2 pieces I have taken, both on my dogs, but of course.

    1. Chesterfields Birthday

    The dramatic tale/tail of a white Boxer turning 10, who is fighting cancer.

    2. Baby’s Road Trip

    French Bulldog takes to the highway



    So Bronfman buys Warners, gives the big cats upwards of 50-90 Million to run a company, Roger Ames looks to be sacked with a $10 million exit clause, CD’s are $17.99, the people making no money will get canned, and they wonder why the music biz is in the toilet? Genius!!! Warner Chappell the publishing arm, is put on ice, hey it’s only the sure thing, publishing is a cash cow, not to Edgar! Great stuff!

    Franz Ferdinand I told you months ago, listen to me. This band is going to be huge!

    – Danny


    the paisley underground

    December 1, 2002 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    3oclock_louder[from poptones]

    Rock and roll has guaranteed one thing, no scene is ever created without a record collection. I was in a band called the Three O’clock, and there would have been no band, no scene, nothing without vinyl. Prior to joining there was an amazing band called Salvation Army led by Ricky Start also known as Michael Quercio; this was their name until amazingly the actual Sally Army gave us two weeks to change our name. The first time I heard them I thought it was Pete Shelley fronting a psych band, punk speed with psych overtones – absolutely amazing! Shortly afterwards, my friend Lisa Fancher signed them, and I watched as they recorded their album. Little did I know that pretty soon I would be in the band and part of a wonderful moment in la music history. Fast forward a few months and this shiny little combo is playing LA clubs to mods, psych fans and others from 12 to 30. The record collections paid off – all of a sudden the Dream Syndicatethe BangsRain Parade and the Long Ryders were playing clubs and making some noise, good noise.

    Denny’s on Sunset Boulevard is a horrible restaurant where every band has eaten once and where L.A. Weekly was interviewing the band for a feature, when Michael Quercio, sitting in a round booth next to the window on the far right, blurted out a phrase, “the Paisley Underground” – little did we know that we would live under that banner for the entirety of our six year career. But at the time, back in 1982, there was a scene and that is how Michael saw it through the bangs covering his 17-year-old eyes. Yep, it was a scene; our guitarist Louis was dating Sue from the Bangles, formerly the Bangs, she came from a scene in Brentwood where Rain Parade’s Roback Brothers lived. People played on each other’s records, there was warmth and there were no record deals, at least major, and all was beautiful. There were some great shows with all or some of the bands on the same bill and trips up north opened another world; we travelled with the Dream Syndicate, and all was fine, it wasn’t L.A. in ’76 or ’66 but it had its magic. You could play in Orange County, 1 hour south of L.A., and 800 kids would be lined up for this new/old sound; there were local tv shows, it was a great time, it was our moment. Police breaking up kids blocking radio stations, yes, it was our moment, a long moment.

    At the time we worried what the other bands were doing. I remember word got out that the Three O’clock were going to cover ‘Open my Eyes’ by the Nazz, well the Bangles had just worked it up, so it was out of bounds. We settled it by writing a song called ‘Her Head’s Revolving‘, and tipping our hat to the Nazz, it was easier. Record collecting was in a way like sampling in music today, except in 1982 you sampled by creating a song using the influence of something you loved. Same with drumming, should I be Ringo StarrKenny JonesBobby Graham? It was samples before samples, and that’s what made it work. But in the end the machine got to everyone, ColumbiaA&Mi.r.s.Island and the rest bought in and the compromise started, but go back pull out some of those records, and you will either be really turned off or get it, I get it, it does not matter if others do or don’t, I was there and look back fondly.

    Watch the Three O’Clock perform “I Go Wild”.


    Chesterfield and Baby
    These are my kids relaxing at Rancho Benair

    – Danny


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