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    July 1, 2008 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Gram Rabbit sings “Danny Benair”
    Last week I received a song from Gram Rabbit, called Danny Benair, and yes that’s my name, I am more than flattered. It made me think the only thing missing is a cape, and my life is complete! Big hug goes out to them!

    Party Shuffle
    It is Saturday, and what is rocking at Casa Benair
    1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow-The Quick the song Mr. Bowie borrowed from to write Starman we, do our version as if Bowie and Queen jammed!
    2. Sorry She’s Mine-Sandy Coast as they cover The Small Faces
    3. Look Away-The Spencer Davis Group, nice one!
    4. By Request Of Edwin Garvey-Manfred Mann listening to the Bonzos?
    5. Tommy Gun-The Clash, yes I am Punk Rock – so look out!
    and finally…
    6. Crosseyed- Brendan Benson

    More News!
    Lauren McCarthy joins the lab, Lauren is in the house, pitching away, so say hello to her- lab coat to follow…

    Historic Night at Dodger Stadium
    Well it was a historic night here at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night. The Dodgers defeated the Angels 1-0 without the benefit of a hit. So in other words we got no-hit and still won the game. This is the 5th time in the history of the game of baseball (over 100 years) that this has occurred. Here is a photo to commemorate this historic night. Enjoy!!


    Opening Daze & Raves of the Month!

    May 1, 2005 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Opening Daze

    My friend Chris has season tickets in San Francisco and my beloved Dodgers opened the season there. I asked my boss (me) if I could go, he said yes.

    The Dodgers stumbled and I was depressed, as they started the season with a loss.

    1 Week Later…
    I asked my boss if I could go to opening day in LA, I hear he spends a fortune on season tickets! He said yes!

    I went, we won in a truly amazing come from behind win in the 9th. All hail Milton Bradley!

    Ah yes, a new season. I truly believe we can go all the way to the World Series, but that is my job as a Dodger fan… I have to believe… Man Baseball is a gas!

    Movie of the month
    Kung Fu Hustle
    Writer/Director/Actor Stephen Chow makes a very funny film that looks great, and is so good I have seen it twice. A GREAT way to spend 2 hours, I would see it again! Do not be turned off by subtitles, the characters in this film, should all have their own film!

    Video and single of the month
    Lost Myself-The Magic Numbers
    Love, love, love this band, have nothing to do with them except buy their records, new single will lift the cloud from above anyone’s head, or your money back! Check it out!

    Commercial and Trailer Action.
    OK, grab your seats, get some popcorn and checkout the trailer for A Lot Like Love featuring Aqualung’s Brighther Than Sunshine, and Anna Waronker’s Better in the JC Penny commercial!

    – Danny


    Good Times And Bad Times At Dodger Stadium

    July 1, 2004 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    When I was a tiny tot, I was turned on to baseball by my dad,which I have stuck with to this day. Hearing Vin Scully on the transistor radio, making the game come alive was all a nod to pop. My dad always had access to tickets, as you can see at a early age, I grabbed the camera and snapped the pictures of Sandy Koufax. Those were great days, great times, and I was so thrilled. Sandy doing his windup!!! WOW!

    Well a lot of time has passed, and lots of letdowns. Every year the fan (me), believes this is the year, but nope. We will be better next year.
    I have gone to this ballpark, the lovely Dodger Stadium, for so long that I thought I had seen it all, not jaded mind you.

    But a couple of weeks ago I showed up early for the final Dodger/Yankee game, walked to my seats, and my body just lost it’s balance, never had great balance.


    Bam! I fell to the right (that is the spot in the picture you see), and did something I never would have expected to do. I fractured my ribs, got to look like a total goof, and yes one more thing, I have now experienced Dodger Stadium first aid. Not bad!

    I will live, as will my passion for baseball, not sure about my balance though …

    – Danny