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    December 1, 2004 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    Well the last couple months have shown me one thing. I know how to pick a loser! From Kerry (what about those exit polls!!), or my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers (Hey! We finally won a playoff game, used tickets not shown).

    Don’t hold this against me, I am really trying, I just could not face myself rooting for the Yankees or George Bush!

    At least the Red Sox won!


    Here is Chesterfield, the white Boxer, who is very sick, with Baby. I’m just glad for everyday he is around.

    Tracy Spuehler Tours Natural Energy Lab’s secret location!
    Tracy was given the secret handshake, and can not reveal our second location, but we allowed her to take photos, promising her no bodily harm!

    Here are Tracy’s photos that she took! … The actual buildings can not be photographed!





    Nokia 3650

    February 1, 2004 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Nokia 3650

    I just bought the 3650, mobile phones are not something I live or die for, but I like a phone that takes picture and video. Video, how long will it be before a photo or video captures an amazing moment that is newsworthy? I love when you see people fairly far from the stage at a concert shooting stills by using the phone. Wow! real bad photos far away taken on your camera.

    I have decided to share with you 2 pieces I have taken, both on my dogs, but of course.

    1. Chesterfields Birthday

    The dramatic tale/tail of a white Boxer turning 10, who is fighting cancer.

    2. Baby’s Road Trip

    French Bulldog takes to the highway



    So Bronfman buys Warners, gives the big cats upwards of 50-90 Million to run a company, Roger Ames looks to be sacked with a $10 million exit clause, CD’s are $17.99, the people making no money will get canned, and they wonder why the music biz is in the toilet? Genius!!! Warner Chappell the publishing arm, is put on ice, hey it’s only the sure thing, publishing is a cash cow, not to Edgar! Great stuff!

    Franz Ferdinand I told you months ago, listen to me. This band is going to be huge!

    – Danny


    the paisley underground

    December 1, 2002 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    3oclock_louder[from poptones]

    Rock and roll has guaranteed one thing, no scene is ever created without a record collection. I was in a band called the Three O’clock, and there would have been no band, no scene, nothing without vinyl. Prior to joining there was an amazing band called Salvation Army led by Ricky Start also known as Michael Quercio; this was their name until amazingly the actual Sally Army gave us two weeks to change our name. The first time I heard them I thought it was Pete Shelley fronting a psych band, punk speed with psych overtones – absolutely amazing! Shortly afterwards, my friend Lisa Fancher signed them, and I watched as they recorded their album. Little did I know that pretty soon I would be in the band and part of a wonderful moment in la music history. Fast forward a few months and this shiny little combo is playing LA clubs to mods, psych fans and others from 12 to 30. The record collections paid off – all of a sudden the Dream Syndicatethe BangsRain Parade and the Long Ryders were playing clubs and making some noise, good noise.

    Denny’s on Sunset Boulevard is a horrible restaurant where every band has eaten once and where L.A. Weekly was interviewing the band for a feature, when Michael Quercio, sitting in a round booth next to the window on the far right, blurted out a phrase, “the Paisley Underground” – little did we know that we would live under that banner for the entirety of our six year career. But at the time, back in 1982, there was a scene and that is how Michael saw it through the bangs covering his 17-year-old eyes. Yep, it was a scene; our guitarist Louis was dating Sue from the Bangles, formerly the Bangs, she came from a scene in Brentwood where Rain Parade’s Roback Brothers lived. People played on each other’s records, there was warmth and there were no record deals, at least major, and all was beautiful. There were some great shows with all or some of the bands on the same bill and trips up north opened another world; we travelled with the Dream Syndicate, and all was fine, it wasn’t L.A. in ’76 or ’66 but it had its magic. You could play in Orange County, 1 hour south of L.A., and 800 kids would be lined up for this new/old sound; there were local tv shows, it was a great time, it was our moment. Police breaking up kids blocking radio stations, yes, it was our moment, a long moment.

    At the time we worried what the other bands were doing. I remember word got out that the Three O’clock were going to cover ‘Open my Eyes’ by the Nazz, well the Bangles had just worked it up, so it was out of bounds. We settled it by writing a song called ‘Her Head’s Revolving‘, and tipping our hat to the Nazz, it was easier. Record collecting was in a way like sampling in music today, except in 1982 you sampled by creating a song using the influence of something you loved. Same with drumming, should I be Ringo StarrKenny JonesBobby Graham? It was samples before samples, and that’s what made it work. But in the end the machine got to everyone, ColumbiaA&Mi.r.s.Island and the rest bought in and the compromise started, but go back pull out some of those records, and you will either be really turned off or get it, I get it, it does not matter if others do or don’t, I was there and look back fondly.

    Watch the Three O’Clock perform “I Go Wild”.


    Chesterfield and Baby
    These are my kids relaxing at Rancho Benair

    – Danny


    Talking About My M M M Mini Cooper

    November 30, -0001 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    mini-cooperWhen I was in high school a friend of mine had a original Mini, about the size of a sardine can,I loved it!

    I spent a OK summer in Israel, and my brother’s friend David, had one, we went all over the very small country, those 2-3 months,four of us crammed in the car,again I loved it! When the Mini came on the market last year, I had to have one, I drove a crap rental for 11 weeks waiting for it.

    It is much bigger than the Mini of old, and safer too. I was driving and another Mini approached me, the guy waved, I waved back. I had entered a secret club. I don’t remember anyone nodding at me in my rental car, except, maybe to say why? It is the first time I have had a car that has personality and stops like the Autopia cars at Disneyland.

    I have taken a photo with my kids Baby at the wheel (don’t try this at home), and Chesterfield ready for a ride.The SUV Backlash starts here!

    – Danny