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    April 1, 2008 by  
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    it’s Saturday getting ready for baseball and letting iTunes lead me on a musical jouney…

    1. Reeling-PJ Harvey big fan since day one
    2. My Shadow Is A Monday Lavender Diamond LA Rep’d lab band.. we like!
    3. Autumn Summer-Jape new lab fave…check em out!
    4. Wreck Of The Liberty Belle-Mott The Hoople…Don’t get me started…LOVE this band!!!
    5. Shot With His Own Gun-Elvis Costello & The Attractions made some damn good records…
    6. Pissing In The Wind-Badly Drawn Boy…made some really good records…
    Closing us out…
    7. River To Another Day- Love Sculpture One of Dave Edmunds Pop Psych moments…bye for now!!

    Baseball Here We Come

    baseballRewinding to 1958 and playing a game with all the money going to cure cancer is a great thing.
    The Dodgers and fans, a record 115,300 strong, revisit their history in a quirkier-than-ever Coliseum.. with left field just 200 feet away. Getting in was a little bit harder…But seeing a home run go over the 200 foot wall,with a nice inside out shot was great.
    The next day the Dodgers finish spring training with a one hitter,with astounding pitching by rookie phenom Clayton Kershaw. This could be the start of something sweet! It’s a new season, can you tell I am excited!

    The Quick
    My first band has a myspace page, run by the Queen Bee, it’s nice to have it up and running, makes me appreciate the past!


    – Danny


    Slow News Day

    March 1, 2008 by  
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    Slow news day

    My old band The Three O’Clock gets raked over the coals,as the British show there non-love for my band OUCH!

    Catch of the day: The Three O’Clock

    via Guardian Unlimited: Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – music by Mark Hooper on 2/26/08

    Mark Hooper: If you like the Stone Roses, you might be interested in this forgotten LA combo

    click to read the full article

    Gospel part 2

    Way back in my early years of rock The Quick re-opened the Whisky-a-Go-Go and I never knew about this early footage of Danny Wilde from The Quick… Enjoy!

    iTunes Shuffle

    No order… now playing

    1. Look Away-Manfred Mann also covered by The Spencer Davis Group (which is a better version)

    2. When You’re Young The Jam live nice one!

    3. All Night Long Dave Clark Five R.I.P Mike Smith and Fuck off Jann Wenner! Dave the music should be in print.

    4. Natural Born Bugie Humble Pie, when being a supergoup was a cool thing…

    5. Sweeter Than Sugar Duster Bennett UK blues artist a one man band who made some very good records.

    And closing out this month…

    6. Love by Paul Jones ex Manfred Mann

    and out we go with…

    7. SOL Pt 1 Wooden Shjips acting as if it is 1968, in 2008 crazy stuff!!

    – Danny



    December 31, 2007 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Friendship is a big part of our lives, I wanted to mention a few friends…

    Melissa Paull

    My dear friend and partner in synchs at natural energy lab has left, we all wish her the best – times a million, we will miss her bigtime!

    Kevin Dubrow

    Having known Kevin for many years and just recently put back in touch with him when Lark Williams contacted me, we just started talking again, having been very good friends, sharing rehearsal rooms, car accidents, crazy parties and geeky love for The Small Faces. He had left me a voicemail, as he was going to make me a copy of a super 8 film with me and Kevin and Stan and Billy of The Dickies playing Moonage Daydream, I had the message meaning to pester him for a copy that we talked about. I am so sad to hear that he passed away. I hope his family and close friends are doing OK. Sorry we could not have met up again, other then the few phone calls we had in recent months.

    I Pod Shuffle…

    Yes, I am still listening

    Now playing…

    1. Odorono The Who

    2. Lover The Troggs

    3. Mother Writes Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera

    4. Billy Hunt The Jam

    5. Je Danse Donce Je Suis Brigitte Bardot

    6. Who Do You Love Ian Hunter

    Next up…

    Here’s Today The Koobas

    Stand Back Buenos Aires!

    The wife and I got brave and hopped on a airplane and flew to Buenos Aires. Ah yes nothing like a 15 hour flight to make you feel just right. We stayed at a boutique hotel called Home Buenos Aires and happened to get the best room their garden room,which had a upstairs patio.


    Food, yes it may be the beef capitol of the world, but we do not eat meat and did not have a bad meal, plenty of good food!On one of our excursions around town, we came upon this gentleman who plans on walking from Buenos Aires to NYC…yeah right, great image! I think he is making the plans! History in the making!


    Pollo, a game for the rich or so it seems, held in private country clubs,100 or so people show up to watch from the side lines to watch a very exciting match between Argentina and Brazil. Brazil wins! Really fun, maybe not for Argentina…



    La Recoleta Cemetery is a famous cemetery located in the exclusive Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eva Peron is among the many who are buried there. Every family who is buried there, has there own mausoleum, and they all tried to out do each other with their own style.


    The girl above who is said to be the mascot of the cemetery. It is said she died at 19 of a brain aneurysm at the opera in the 1800’s only to wake in the morgue and die again! Legend has it there are scratches inside her coffin…


    The trip was too short and I only find out about good used record locations the night before we left from the owner of the hotel. The records I saw had cool covers, but you could never play them. All in all it was well worth it, and the dollar is 3 to 1.

    Sparklesquirrel provided the photos…pigeon english was provided by yours truly…

    – Danny


    Mondo Deco

    November 1, 2007 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    mindBack when I left my parent’s garage and landed a record deal, I was in a band called The Quick. When we signed with Mercury Records and we proceeded to brainstorm about an album cover ( I believe one idea was the band in a store window), we were running out of time and decided to just eat food, and use fancy lighting later used by Bryan Ferry.

    We ate food for hours, I think I was avoiding sweets, so they gave me a banana (what was I thinking!) Many nana’s later, we finished, with a food fight, picking the name Mondo Deco from our manger Kim Fowley’s great song Motorboat (a must own 45!) fast for forward to 2007 Thee Makeout Party tip the cap to our silly cover for L.A. Record magazine (Anyone have a spare copy?) I hope they did not have to spend hours eating… ugghh.

    The Quick:


    Thee Makeout Party


    Gospel Part 2:

    Single of the month.

    Just when I thought I would write Pete Doherty of Babyshambles come bouncing back with Delivery, a great lost Kinks 45?
    Sort of…
    Give it a listen!

    What is playing in the Itunes Shuffle… Really you own that?
    No order…

    1. Animal Instinct-Big Leaves – yes they are from Scotland and you probably never heard them…
    2. Charlotte Rose-Majority One wonderful 60’s track, if you like Honeybus, Badfinger, this is for you…swell
    3. You Don’t Know Anything-Ivy Back in my days at Polygram…ah yes…
    4. Mystery Dance-Elvis Costello yes I am New Wave
    5. Not A Second Time-The Smithereens it’s 1964 all over again…
    6. Trains-Gwendolyn and let’s stop here..next up!
    7. Big Temptation-Los Brincos Spain’s Beatles?

    – Danny


    Spin Out! Spin has given me a couple of mentions this month, first there is a nice piece on The 88.

    February 1, 2007 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Spin has given me a couple of mentions this month, first there is a nice piece on The 88.

    February 2007


    You’d think adoration from the tanned denizens of Laguna Beach and The OC would guarantee fame for musicians on the shows’ soundtracks. Alas, not everyone is Ben Gibbard. But if you’re in a band, don’t give up: Score the right shows and you could be riding high in an apartment whose rent you paid on time.

    Unless you live in L.A.’s Silverlake neighborhood, you probably don’t know the 88. But chances are you’ve heard their Kinksy tunes, like “Coming Home” or “Hide Another Mistake,” blasting in the background of Grey’s Anatomy, The OC, Weeds, Laguna Beach, How I Met Your Mother, and at least 20 other shows. “It’s tough to get on the radio,” says keyboardist Adam Merrin. “But TV licensing is an incredible way of getting the music out to people who normally wouldn’t hear it.”

    Of course, the 88’s album sales haven’t exactly skyrocketed since entering Seth Cohen’s iPod, and they don’t have distribution secured for their next record. But having no major-label affiliation has proven both a bane and a boon. “If you’re on an indie label, you can’t guarantee your CDs at Best Buy,” says music marketer Danny Benair, who represents the 88 for film and TV spots. “That’s a vital opportunity missed. It’s a big step going from a band with lots of placements to Franz Ferdinand.”

    Yet this lack of corporate bureaucracy makes the 88 attractive to television. “We’re easy to get a hold of,” says Merrin. “Danny calls me and the deal goes through the same day.”

    By making anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 per song, the 88 financed their third album entirely from licensing. “We hired a string section. We bought a van. We’re able to pay rent. We got a PlayStation to pass the time,” says Merrin. Thus, the band is poised to become a rarity in the biz – self sufficient and comfortably free from the major-label machine.

    “We want a million people to hear us,” says Merrin. “That’s gonna happen even if no major picks us up. We’ll just put out records ourselves.”


    Spin Out : part 2

    Robbie Rist Listed The Quick in his ten most over looked Power Pop bands…Thanks RR!

    Gospel : part 3
    More press this month! Click here to read the article.

    Gospel : part 4
    natural energy lab 1927

    Well, not really but the building we are in can be seen on the right. Sunset Blvd in 1927! if you see the red car turning, the three windows on Sunset is where are office is.

    No wonder we have such terrible electricity in the building, it has not been updated since 1927!


    – Danny


    The 88 & also The Quick And Jules Bate

    December 1, 2006 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    The 88!

    Here at the lab,we are very proud of The 88, we wanted to pass on this press release by their press officer Josh Mills.
    Have a look!

    Internet Launch of Long-Form Commercial Hits  #17 Most Viewed English Music Video, #21 Most Viewed Music Video Overall on YouTube.Com in Debut Week

    LOS ANGELES, CA (November 20, 2006) – “Nobody Cares” from the album OVER AND OVER by the Los Angeles indie buzz band The 88 (www.the88.net), is featured in a year long worldwide Television and Internet advertising campaign to introduce the Microsoft Zune digital media player to consumers.
    In its debut week on YouTube, the commercial was the #17 most viewed video in the Music/English category, and #21 most viewed overall music video. It also generated a lot of Internet buzz, ranking as the #49 most discussed music-related video of the week.  By its second week on YouTube, the ad had garnered nearly 33,500 downloads, and comments posing the questions “What’s that song?” and “Who’s that band?” That band is The 88.

    This is not the first time music fans have posed those questions.  Nearly every track from the band’s current release Over and Over (EMK/Mootron Records) has been heard by national audiences via licensing to film and television. “Coming Home” was the catchy tune behind retail giant Target’s Spring 2006 national television ad campaign, as well as DIRECTV’s recent commercial for the NFL’s SUNDAY TICKET.  Another track, “All ‘Cause of You”, played over the opening titles of this summer’s hit comedy YOU, ME AND DUPREE and was featured in IRA AND ABBY, an independent film which premiered at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival.  “How Good It Can Be” will be included in film and soundtrack to the 2007 Drew Barrymore/Eric Bana drama LUCKY YOU.

    The 88’s music has been featured in more than 30 television shows running gamut from network to cable, teen drama to procedural, including: GREY’S ANATOMY (ABC), NUMB3RS (CBS), THE OC (FOX), ONE TREE HILL (WB/CW), LAGUNA BEACH (MTV) and WEEDS (Showtime). The hit CBS sitcom HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER devoted an entire episode to The 88 in 2006 entitled “Best Prom Ever”, which included a speaking role for lead singer Keith Slettedahl and the band performing three songs.

    Soundtracks the band has appeared on include MUSIC FROM THE OC MIX 1 (Warner Bros.) which has SoundScanned more than 300.000 records, FAILURE TO LAUNCH (Bulletproof), YOU ME AND DUPREE (Lakeshore Records), and WEEDS: MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL SERIES, VOL. 2 (Lion’s Gate Records). Securing these licenses is Danny Benair, founder of music marketing company Natural Energy Lab (www.naturalenergylab.com) who represents The 88 for film, television and commercial placement.

    In regards to bands latest licensing coup, on November 1, Zune released a sneak-peak 90-second and one-minute version of The 88’s commercial on YouTube, entitled “Zune Picnic.” The commercial starts with the opening line of the song “Open your ears/This is a story” as the visual narrative of people picnicking in a park unfurls silently in the background.  As the song moves from its mellow acoustic vibe and bursts into a jaunty, piano-driven chorus, the picnickers laugh, eat, dance and party, all wirelessly sharing their music between each others’  Zune devices, illustrating the tagline “Welcome To The Social”.
    And please welcome back The 88.

    ABOUT THE 88
    Formed in 2001, The 88 has gained national attention without the benefit of a record deal. Aside from an almost dizzying array of awareness in a variety of major motion pictures, network television shows and advertising campaigns licensing the bands music, The 88 have received critical praise from influential publications such as SPIN Magazine, Billboard, Guitar Player, Paste, Keyboard Rolling Stone.com, the Los Angeles Times, Flaunt and many more. The band has appeared on such influential shows such as The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, DirecTV’s hit program CD USA, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Last Call with Carson Daly, Current TV, MTV News and Extra. The 88 has toured throughout the United States and Canada this year in support of their latest CD OVER AND OVER on bills with artists such as Matt Costa, The Flaming Lips, Rilo Kiley, The Pogues, The Elected, The Muffs and Ozma. The 88 is: Keith Slettedahl (guitar/vocals), Adam Merrin (piano), Anthony Zimmitti (drums) and Todd O’Keefe (bass).

    The Quick And Jules Bates
    Our myspace friend artrouble posted this wonderful piece on his blog that we wanted to share with you. We hope you enjoy it. Jules is sadly missed. A wonderful and talented photographer who passed away in the 80’s.


    Click here to view larger


    Muscle Boys!

    March 1, 2005 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    Well my past throws funny photos at me! My friend Paul Rutner sent me this photo of his band The Mumps, who were friends with my band The Quick. Flanking the late Lance Loud is yours truly on the upper left, and Ian Ainsworth of The Quick on the upper right. I believe playing out The Mumps song “Muscle Boys” in the Whiskey-Go-Go dressing room. Crazy times!

    Edwyn Collins

    Edwyn suffered a cerebral haemorhage on Sunday the 20th Febuary. He is being well looked after in hospital.

    Edwyn is someone who I have had the pleasure of working with, and is one of the most loved people I have ever met,and for good reason, he is warm and gracious. Edwyn and his partner Grace make you feel so warm when you meet them, I wish him a speedy recovery and my warmest wishes go out to him and his family.

    – Danny Benair


    Pretty Please -The Quick or Buy My 45

    December 1, 2003 by  
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    quick_singlejpgBack in 1977, my first band The Quick was trying to get it’s second record deal,and we had the opportunity to record with David Campbell, with Elektra Records, having the first shot at signing us.

    Well they did not, we put a fanclub 45 out of Pretty Please and Bacchus Records has just released a limited edition 1000 copies. Since I had a say, and the tapes I included a version of “Jimmy Too Bad” that is not on the UK release of “Untold Rock Stories

    If you need a copy I am selling a few at $4.99, plus postage, just drop me a line: nelab@earthlink.net

    Yes,I have sold out, it’s about time!


    “Untold Rock Stories” – The Quick

    July 1, 2003 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    A long time ago, I was in a band (my first), that meant so much to me. We were called The Quick, we made one LP “Mondo Deco” for Mercury Records, it was so different then. No LA music scene, and a band out to find the kids who wanted music. On a local level, we did, not a major plan, but we did gain a loyal following and for the two years we were around, we played all the time and had an amazing time.

    Most of our music, was hidden away on tapes, and is finally seeing the light of day on the very wonderful Rev-Ola label, out of the UK, the CD is called “Untold Rock Stories”-The Quick.

    We are featuring a track this month on our site,”Pretty Please“, also I have dug out a tape that we did for a junior college. It is from May 25th 1977, and was almost a year after our record, but since we had not walked back in the studio we had no choice but to lip synch, to a older track.

    Also we are offering a special feature this month, a live Quick song is available to download Dr. Killjoy live from The Starwood 07-09-77 If you like this, we may start a series of Quick downloads, so it is up to you. I hope you enjoy it!


    Watch the Quick perform “It Won’t Be Long”

    – Danny