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    December 31, 2007 by  
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    Friendship is a big part of our lives, I wanted to mention a few friends…

    Melissa Paull

    My dear friend and partner in synchs at natural energy lab has left, we all wish her the best – times a million, we will miss her bigtime!

    Kevin Dubrow

    Having known Kevin for many years and just recently put back in touch with him when Lark Williams contacted me, we just started talking again, having been very good friends, sharing rehearsal rooms, car accidents, crazy parties and geeky love for The Small Faces. He had left me a voicemail, as he was going to make me a copy of a super 8 film with me and Kevin and Stan and Billy of The Dickies playing Moonage Daydream, I had the message meaning to pester him for a copy that we talked about. I am so sad to hear that he passed away. I hope his family and close friends are doing OK. Sorry we could not have met up again, other then the few phone calls we had in recent months.

    I Pod Shuffle…

    Yes, I am still listening

    Now playing…

    1. Odorono The Who

    2. Lover The Troggs

    3. Mother Writes Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera

    4. Billy Hunt The Jam

    5. Je Danse Donce Je Suis Brigitte Bardot

    6. Who Do You Love Ian Hunter

    Next up…

    Here’s Today The Koobas

    Stand Back Buenos Aires!

    The wife and I got brave and hopped on a airplane and flew to Buenos Aires. Ah yes nothing like a 15 hour flight to make you feel just right. We stayed at a boutique hotel called Home Buenos Aires and happened to get the best room their garden room,which had a upstairs patio.


    Food, yes it may be the beef capitol of the world, but we do not eat meat and did not have a bad meal, plenty of good food!On one of our excursions around town, we came upon this gentleman who plans on walking from Buenos Aires to NYC…yeah right, great image! I think he is making the plans! History in the making!


    Pollo, a game for the rich or so it seems, held in private country clubs,100 or so people show up to watch from the side lines to watch a very exciting match between Argentina and Brazil. Brazil wins! Really fun, maybe not for Argentina…



    La Recoleta Cemetery is a famous cemetery located in the exclusive Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eva Peron is among the many who are buried there. Every family who is buried there, has there own mausoleum, and they all tried to out do each other with their own style.


    The girl above who is said to be the mascot of the cemetery. It is said she died at 19 of a brain aneurysm at the opera in the 1800’s only to wake in the morgue and die again! Legend has it there are scratches inside her coffin…


    The trip was too short and I only find out about good used record locations the night before we left from the owner of the hotel. The records I saw had cool covers, but you could never play them. All in all it was well worth it, and the dollar is 3 to 1.

    Sparklesquirrel provided the photos…pigeon english was provided by yours truly…

    – Danny


    Florence Italian Style …

    March 2, 2004 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    The Continental leaves the country and head off to Florence Italy, his kids say bye!


    Baby looks out the window, as our hero leaves.


    Baby looks out the window. Where is the family?

    The Swiss Alps, almost there!


    Upon arriving in Florence one of the first things on the agenda, was to go to the city of Lucca, about 90 minutes outside of Florence surrounded by a wall, this is the tower, great flea market.

    This is in the square, rather nice!


    Upon our return to Florence, I was shocked by the wild animals loose on the street! What the Italians thinking! Baby Bear!!!

    At the National Museum.

    This is the outdoor patio of the museum.

    One of the most exciting parts of Florence other than the food, though avoid sandwiches on the Arno, OUCH! they bilk you for lots of money. The Duomo is a amazing church in the center of town, the ceiling is beyond description from the 13th century, heaven and hell and everything else are on the ceilings. Did the walk to the top of the Duomo, small staircase (13th century), did not realize until after, that it was 497 steps to the top, heart attack’s here we come! Here is the view from the top of Florence.Click to watch.


    The Continental at the top, thinking, about jumping! Hey! Who is the guy on the right?

    One of the things, I found out very quick, is that they love dubbing films, and TV shows, tried to go to the movies, could not find a film in english, and TV, well Sex In The City, may be over, but it’s in Italian!! Have a peak!


    Hail Caesar! With a Cappuccino
    Made the trek via Eurostar to Roma for the day, outside the Colosseum, Romans are ready for a acient pose, but they get breaks too, as pictured!

    Now THIS is history!

    Viva Rome!

    The balcony of the hotel, nice!


    Well after, a long day, have to have a drink, which was followed by what may have been the best pizza I have eaten, it was in Roma at Baffeto, the cook was almost as good as the pizza, sounded like Brando in the Godfather.


    Glad we did not have to clean the room! The food was pretty damn great, a couple of faves, not sure I want to tell.


    The Continental on the balcony of the hotel, Arno with it’s Otter’s, I kid you not, is in the rear.


    Bye room, time to go home.

    Paris France airport, nice terminal.