artist: Israel Erez
featured track:
"Full of Nothing"


I’m 40, married +3, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Writing music from the day I grabbed a guitar - 25 years ago. I have nothing fancy to write about my music career so I guess I’ll just try telling my little story here..

The day I got my first guitar I stayed awake all night trying to play that Metallica song - Nothing else matters. I knew that my life has changed for good that night and all I ever need is playing music. That is very romantic I would say but steel, I wake up with that thought every morning since, trying to figure out how the hell I’m going to find some time working on my music today.

I own a tech startup company with my partner for the last 3 years, after selling my branding studio business I founded 9 years ago. I am an entrepreneur working 14 hours a day trying really hard to create music.

My songs are very melodic and intense, some would say it sounds melancholic. For me, it is authentic as it could be. I co-work with Yoav Alyagon, a childhood friend and a genius musician that brings his magic in and creates a minimalistic and powerful production to the songs. Me and Yoav formed a couple of bands before - G.I.JO, MONOTALK, EREZ and more.. We share a great chemistry on musical and on personal aspect for the last 20 fucking years now. The songs are talking about love - love of a man to a woman, love for the melodies, love as my only survival.

We are here to capture that magic between the sounds and let it unfold.

Past reviews by local media:

"One of the most beautiful and scorching albums of the recent time, a true creation that
promises greatness…" Avishai Mattia, CityRat Magazine.

"A courageous bold artist that does not hesitate to go all the way to the bitter truth…" Gadi
Livne, 88 FM radio station.



Yoav Alyagon (born 16 August 1977) is a gifted musician and professional therapist. Since his early days, Yoav was attached into the mysteries of music songwriting and composing.

In his 20s, Yoav was all in for Indie music, taking part in several local bands as a multi-player musician.
At the age of 26, after quitting his bands, Yoav took a long break from music and went deep into the world of healing, nurturing his skills to become a body-mind therapist.

At the age of 33, after receiving a dramatic phone call from his childhood friend, singer Israel Erez, Yoav started his long musician comeback.
Yoav joined Monotalk, Israel Erez's band, and took part in co-writing and producing, playing drums and lead guitar on the debut album 'Fix Me Up'.

Following the maturation of the band members, the establishment of family and settling, and the band's failure to conquer the world, Yoav decided to take another break from his music career and retired to his warm home by the fields and orchards.
At the age of 38, Yoav received another dramatic phone call from his long-time friend, Israel Erez, following which Yoav found himself drown back into the world of music.

Today, after two years of work, Yoav and Israel are releasing their new project that sums up 20 years of musical work and friendship.
The new project is a batch of cinematic, impressive, deep and intimate songs. Slow, melancholic, touching songs with a strong feeling of cleansing, featuring Erez's deep and soft voice.
In this project, Yoav creates a unique musical space that holds Erez's voice and created an authentic, minimal, introspective and overwhelming production.