artist: Lazy Salon
featured track:
"Chip's Folly"

Progressive instrumentals saturated in rhythm, melody and texture. All-purpose head music mixing electronics & organics. Catchy hypnotism, suburban Kosmiche, head-nod beats, blissed psych, momentum drumming, undercurrents of mid-fi ambience. peace.

- Created by Sean Byrne, Fall 2016.

- ‘Invisible Like Peace’ is LZY_SLN-004

- Mastered by Jay Laughlin

Lazy Salon is Sean Byrne, back-in-the-day drummer for Philadelphia bands Lenola, Mazarin, BC Camplight and others. Primary songwriter in The Twin Atlas. Now residing near the pines of south-central New Jersey. ‘Invisible Like Peace’ is the debut album by Lazy Salon followinga series of EP’s released in 2014 & 2015.