artist: Blind Matty
featured track:
"Putting The Shake On You"

Blind Matty is not a complicated man, you can find him strumming an acoustic guitar in the shadows of an old pool hall, smoking a blunt and singin' songs for the people, don’t be fooled by his gold tooth smile or wavy mullet, he is just an old soul taking another lap around this big ol’ planet searching for something, but he still ain’t sure what it is.

His newest release GRINGO! is a collection of songs written on highways across the great American landscape breathing new life into the music of our past. His vocal stylings, a true raw art form, never one to do the same thing twice, he sings what he feels and feels what he sings.

His song "Gettin Stoned with My Ol’ Lady” is a bonafide cosmic country rock n roll classic that sounds like Willie Nelson driving down a county dirt road with Jerry Garcia riding shotgun puffin smoke out the window, piano rollin blues and honky tonkin beer bottle clankin' good time rock n roll is
what Matty is channelling on Gringo! You better believe it, partner.

"Put the Shake on You" is a gospel barn-burner with Mississippi juke joint energy, church harmony and rousing James Burton Elvis era guitar pickin that sounds like it could be on Bob Dylan’s basement tapes. His music can take you places.

“Sugar Mama” is a 3 part harmony Byrds influenced outlaw stomper guaranteed to make baby's blue jeans talk! A good time sing along chorus it has all the elements of a classic 70’s country rocker.

Rooted in rock n roll, good time foot stomping blues, & country-western boogie-woogie he has had his share of good times & bad, listen closely and you will hear the hard luck tales of a man whose troubles always seem to find him, but thats just the way it goes sometimes, he ain’t one to complain.