artist: Bell System
featured track:
"Handel Specs"

Beneath the surface of the earth lay the remains of the once active E.S.S. or Electronic Switching System devised by Bell Laboratories to relay short and long distance phone calls. The E.S.S. operated on sound signals. Tones would be sent from one hub to the next telling each stop in the network where calls should be routed. This system was active for roughly half a century and was made obsolete with the further implementation of the telecommunications satellite.

Bell System is the project of Gabe Fulvimar of Gap Dream. While being known for making post flower child era influenced pop music, Fulvimar has also been making techno/electro bass music since the early 00’s. His first published work in this category being 2006’s Bell Labs - Progressive Innovations (exp033) on the now defunct internet label Experimedia. A 2015 followup: Bell Laboratories - Modern Preset was quietly released on Fulvimar’s page without announcement. Toll Free Zones or Basic Billing Plan is a continuation of this tradition. Enjoy your premium hand-set upgrade!