artist: Jingletown
featured track:
"We Are Weird Now"

jingletown is melisande osnes & david castillo. we wrote & recorded the first album in several parking booths when we were parking lot attendants. we are putting the final touches on our second album "original classics" and putting together a website where we plan to offer fans, friends, family & foes the opportunity to order one of a kind hand made merchandise art. from hand painted tees to custom fiber filled felt puppets. we do it all. the website will also offer other bands/artists the chance to take us on tour or book us for special events as a supporting musical act but also as "merch artists" meaning we would make unique merch for bands and work the mighty merch table. jingletown is also a neighborhood in oakland, california. it is also the name of a green day song. although we are fans of both oakland and green day our band has no direct connection to either. and although we live in jingletown we don't claim to be from here we just thought it had a nice ring to it, thank you.