artist: 12 Stone Toddler
featured track:
"My Machine"


In 2007, 12 Stone Toddler were indisputably one of the most exciting and original bands to have come out of an already vibrant and buzzing music scene in Brighton. They were quickly identified as a group highly likely to break through by all those who heard them. Not only were they a superb live outfit of virtuoso musicians with a strong stage presence, they also brandished an eclectic (even fearlessly) broad and original musical style. Their impeccable song writing and wonderful delivery set them further apart still. No two songs sounded the same. There was no formula. Yet everything they touched had the same hallmark: quirky, original, dark, accomplished, beautiful, unique, funny, philosophical. They were genuinely loved by local press and fans alike. A bright future seemed assured.

Two superb albums - Does It Scare You? (2007) and Scheming (2009) - were released in relatively quick succession. They consolidated the band’s cult following, achieved rapturous critical acclaim (see below) and amassed considerable radio and MTV support.

But perhaps what set them apart, turned out to be an impediment. 12 Stone Toddler defied easy categorization. In the age of rigid music superstore genre divisions, they were the archetypal square peg for a round hole. And then as suddenly as if by magic, and without the ceremony of a public explanation, the band seemed to disappear in a puff of smoke

Fast forward to 2017. The music has stood the test of time, even improving with age. The videos look sharper and more prescient than ever. The two core members and songwriters Chris Otero (Vocals, Bass) and Ben Jones (Keyboards, Vocals) have matured and perhaps even mellowed a little. The music world of today is a more eclectic and genre-free place than it was even 10 years ago! By chance a stray demo of new material found it’s way to long-term fan, advocate and label boss at Freshly Squeezed: “It was immediately obvious Ben and Chris had crafted yet another set of superb original songs. The talent hadn’t gone anywhere; it had simply, quietly, evolved. They remain the same incredible musicians they always were with a completely unique sound that deserves wider recognition.”

New members Helen Durden (Guitar) and Robin O’Keeffe (Drums) (The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown) have been brought in to complete a new line-up. The band is rejuvenated. 12 Stone Toddler are back!

Freshly Squeezed is now truly proud and excited to get behind the next chapter in the story. We genuinely believe this is an act of world-class calibre, who have yet to make their mark.

12 Stone Toddler will be gigging through-out 2017. Shows booked at Glastonbury, Bestival and Boomtown. New singles (Creeps - a celebration of the misfit and My Machine) will be released this year (complete with a video from Phil Samson who directed all the band’s earlier videos) with a full-length album to follow before the end of 2017.

We expect great things. Talent will out.



“Utterly original” The Latest

“Magnificently louche” (Pete Cashmore) The Guardian

“Brimming full of innovative ideas... comparisons with other artists merely
highlight the shortcomings of stylistic labelling. This is organic music that refuses to be bound by genre.” Get Ready To Rock

"Single-of-the-week” Artrocker

“Strangely infectious: vaudeville razzmatazz laced with a subtle dirty rock buzz”

“A melting pot of deep-fried circus rock cum funk metal. Inventive musicianship, dark twisted lyrics and sophisticated production” (Jeff Hemmings) Latest 7

“One of the best albums of the year” Rock Midgets

“Delightfully twisted” XYZ

“It’s the record Frank Zappa wanted played at his funeral... Funkier than the
contents of a witch doctor’s juju bag” Alternative Ulster

“Brilliant. All catches, hooks, sonic references and cynicism with a smile. This is the past and future of rock ’n roll; make it the present, buy it. “ Unpeeled

“Truly stunning” Music News

“Part Rock, part Jazz, but no part weak” Click Music

With a bewilderingly broad range of influences, the band remain difficult to define or categorise. We hear elements of all-time-classics from The
Doors to Captain Beefheart, Steely Dan to 10cc and much, much more besides.