artist: Will Sprott
featured track:
"My Mind"

Ten Fingers is the new album by Los Angeles artist Will Sprott. It is ten new songs written during a period of life floating around the West Coast from Oakland, to Seattle, Portland, the Sierra Foothills and on down to Los Angeles. It’s ten green fingers with pink fingernails extending from the murk of human brain, trying to touch reality.

Will Sprott released his first solo album, Vortex Numbers, in 2015 and has been traveling nearly constantly ever since. Between tours behind his solo work, as the keyboard player in Shannon and the Clams, bass player in Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles, and road factotum of La Luz, he gathered some friends in a basement on a couple separate occasions to record the songs he’d been stashing away in notebooks and phone recordings. Marian Li Pino, Shana Cleveland (both from La Luz), Cody Blanchard (Shannon and the Clams), Jacob Jaffe, Kristian Garrard and Ola Hungerford are the other musicians on these recordings. Ten Fingers was recorded in a tinsel-fringed basement in West Seattle by engineer Johnny Goss. Artist Peggy Noland supplied the cover art.