20 Questions with nel : 2003


… Now it’s time for the nel staff to drop and give you 20!



1.) First celebrity crush?

Elke Sommer

2.) What was your first record purchased or owned?

Meet The Beatles

3.) What record or tape have you had to replace to due to listening to it so much (if any)?

None, I love the snap,crackle and pop of vinyl, baby!!!

4.) Favorite actor/actress turned musician?

Richard Harris, of course!

5.) Your ‘Desert Island’ five “must have” album picks are:

a. *Revolver Beatles for McCartney’s solo in Taxman
b. *Forever Changes Love
c. *Between The Buttons The Rolling Stones
d. *Odyssey and Oracle The Zombies
e. *We Are The Village Green Preservation Society The Kinks
f. Ask me tomorrow, and I will pick 5 others!!

6.) Stones, Beatles, Brooks & Dunn or N’synch?

Beatles, please

7.) Last concert that left you blown away and raving.

The Coral, WHEW!!!!!

8.) What fad would you most want to see make a comeback?

Great dances like The Freddy,The Charlston, and the Locomtion. And I want to start two Dancefads,The Headache, and The Charlton Heston, they will be massive in the Midwest.

9.) Favorite “Behind the Music” episode?

Quiet Riot

10.) I would be most likely to be found guilty of:
a. Having a mohawk
b. Having feathered hair
c. Singing into a hairbrush while thinking no one is watching.
d. Spotted in Heavy Metal Parking Lot
e. Wearing acid washed jeans tucked into cowboy boots.
f. All of the above
g. C and air guitar too!

11.) Favorite use of a song in a commercial?

Teabeery Shuffle Teaberry Gum

12.) This question will be entered into a short “Mad-Lib”, please answer
the following:


13.) Who would be your ideal person to have a Reality TV series based on?

Sadaam and Osama on Survivor

14.) Favorite food with absolutely no nutritional value?

Tuna Melt, but Ihave not had one in years!

15.) My latest “Rad Fad” / guilty pleasure is:

Dressing like a member of the Bay City Rollers.


(photo by Pip Abell)

16.) Favorite pop song that has been covered in Muzak format?

One Track Mind – The Knickerbockers

17.) Corey Feldman or Corey Haim?

Oh…they both suck…15 minutes is way up.

18.) Musician or group you’d love to see on the Simpsons?


19.) Favorite beverage:

Ice Cappacino from Peets Coffee

20.) There ought to be a law … (fill in the blank)

to stop George Bush from his world tour of war!


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