The Shuffle is on…

The Shuffle is on…

In more ways then one … Dana Rosenfeld has left the lab,best of luck! Ladies and gentleman welcome Laura Jane Scott, she can be reached at

I Pod shuffle for August

Now playing:

1. Oh Darling-The Beatles; out take from Anthology sloppy version…

2. Lady Godiva-Peter & Gordon; a Panorama City fave, my childhood home, my late brother Jonathan loved this song!

3. Tell Me-The Honeydog ; Sitting in my office at Polygram publishing this CD arrived, with no letter, I put it on and signed this little combo, with their great live shows, maybe they should have been called The Underdogs, tons of talent, in a world that should of cared, Adam Levy is a very talented guy!

4. Falling In Love With Myself-Sparks; Oh yes they influenced my life, have you heard Mondo Deco?

5. Wait And See-The Byrds

And closing the shuffle…

6. Blues De Luxe-The Jeff Beck Group; I adore this band, for a moment there they gave Zeppelin a run for their money!

We land commercials!

Silver Seas Imaginary Girl for Sears Kenmore!

Run by Melanie


My friend Melanie Mandl, spent 2 1/2 years making this breathtaking short done to a track by Air she got their approval to enter it at film festivals

she just won the audience award at the LA Film Festival. I LOVE THIS!!! Click to watch.


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