Nokia 3650

Nokia 3650

I just bought the 3650, mobile phones are not something I live or die for, but I like a phone that takes picture and video. Video, how long will it be before a photo or video captures an amazing moment that is newsworthy? I love when you see people fairly far from the stage at a concert shooting stills by using the phone. Wow! real bad photos far away taken on your camera.

I have decided to share with you 2 pieces I have taken, both on my dogs, but of course.

1. Chesterfields Birthday

The dramatic tale/tail of a white Boxer turning 10, who is fighting cancer.

2. Baby’s Road Trip

French Bulldog takes to the highway



So Bronfman buys Warners, gives the big cats upwards of 50-90 Million to run a company, Roger Ames looks to be sacked with a $10 million exit clause, CD’s are $17.99, the people making no money will get canned, and they wonder why the music biz is in the toilet? Genius!!! Warner Chappell the publishing arm, is put on ice, hey it’s only the sure thing, publishing is a cash cow, not to Edgar! Great stuff!

Franz Ferdinand I told you months ago, listen to me. This band is going to be huge!

– Danny


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