Mondo Deco

mindBack when I left my parent’s garage and landed a record deal, I was in a band called The Quick. When we signed with Mercury Records and we proceeded to brainstorm about an album cover ( I believe one idea was the band in a store window), we were running out of time and decided to just eat food, and use fancy lighting later used by Bryan Ferry.

We ate food for hours, I think I was avoiding sweets, so they gave me a banana (what was I thinking!) Many nana’s later, we finished, with a food fight, picking the name Mondo Deco from our manger Kim Fowley’s great song Motorboat (a must own 45!) fast for forward to 2007 Thee Makeout Party tip the cap to our silly cover for L.A. Record magazine (Anyone have a spare copy?) I hope they did not have to spend hours eating… ugghh.

The Quick:


Thee Makeout Party


Gospel Part 2:

Single of the month.

Just when I thought I would write Pete Doherty of Babyshambles come bouncing back with Delivery, a great lost Kinks 45?
Sort of…
Give it a listen!

What is playing in the Itunes Shuffle… Really you own that?
No order…

1. Animal Instinct-Big Leaves – yes they are from Scotland and you probably never heard them…
2. Charlotte Rose-Majority One wonderful 60’s track, if you like Honeybus, Badfinger, this is for you…swell
3. You Don’t Know Anything-Ivy Back in my days at Polygram…ah yes…
4. Mystery Dance-Elvis Costello yes I am New Wave
5. Not A Second Time-The Smithereens it’s 1964 all over again…
6. Trains-Gwendolyn and let’s stop up!
7. Big Temptation-Los Brincos Spain’s Beatles?

– Danny


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