20 Questions With nel – 2006

1- Most anticipated movie release for this summer: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

2- Latest must own DVD: Tour De Franz

3- The NEL Grammy for 2005 goes to: Arctic Monkeys

4- Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but I secretly love to watch/listen to (movie/show/band) Blow Out

5- This month’s soundtrack to my life would include: Crying-Roy Orbison and Honeycomb-Jimmy Rogers

6- Latest rad fad: www.youtube.com Make it stop!!

7- That’s so over, stop with it already!: Friendster

8- Most recently enjoyed best eats were the (food item) Penne Pasta from Mauro’s

9- Web site I’ve been visiting far too often lately is: www.youtube.com

10- Last book read that was difficult to put down: Kids In The Riot: High And Low With The Libertines-Peter Welsh

11- Hottest rumor of the year: Katie and Tom had a child!

12- My weekly “must see TV” shows are: Sopranos, Survivor, Bill Maher.

13- Best song / commercial combo of the past year: I’m Not Like Everybody Else The Kinks IBM, Wes Anderson AMEX

14- What musician should have their own reality cooking show? Bono

15- Favorite Urban Legend: Girl Hitchiker who is dead, and heck, yeah I believe it!

Fact or fiction?

16 – Most amazing find on www.youtube.com Rolling Stone Rice

17- Last thing that made me laugh out loud: My dogs

18- Most anticipated music release for this summer: Have me stumped….

19- My dream Surreal Life cast would be: (6 people): George Bush Dick Cheney, Bill Mahar, Bill Cliinton, Abe Lincoln, and Hugh Hefner, all in smoking jackets….

20- Random fact: I sing background vocals on Amoeba by The Adolescents.


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