20 Questions with nel – the 2007 Edition!

1. No questions or explanations needed … just find this and watch/listen/eat/read/consume/enjoy it:
Hot Fuzz

2. Are you drinking anything right now?
Cranberry Juice on the rocks!

3. Fave TV show of the season?
30 Rock

4. Have you ever tasted/eaten pet food?
A dog cookie when I as a 11, it tasted like cardboard.

5. What 3 things you always bring with you to places?
Wallet, Money, Phone (Don’t mug me)

6. Last movie you saw?
Hot Fuzz

7. What song are you currently listening to or last listened to?
Unreleased Faces song, that nobody has heard…shhhh!

8. Last celebrity sighting you had?
Standing next to Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore on stage watching Jarvis Cocker at Coachella

9. Current guilty pleasure?

10. Perfect song and commercial match of the past year:

11. Top 5 most played songs on your iPod/iTunes?
Last 5 were: Portfolio-Fairport Convention, Yes I Will-The Hollies, Women-The Easybeats, Satisfaction-The Troggs, Having A Wild Weekend-Dave Clark 5, all on party shuffle…next up: This Must Be Love-The 88

12. Do you sing in the shower or car?
MMM Sometimes….

13. Whatever happened to … ?
Good Supergroups

14. Last MySpace bulletin read …
They all suck, well almost all, one a day brother one a day…

15. If it wasn’t bad so bad for you, I’d indulge every day …
Hot Fudge Sundaes!!!

16. Most memorable moment since the last 20 questions …
Watching Bill Maher

17. This year’s NEL GRAMMY goes to:
no comment talk to my agent..

18. This year’s NEL OSCAR goes to:way too early..
ask me in December

19. This year’s NEL EMMY goes to:
30 Rock…people wake up!

20. This year’s NEL WEBBY goes to:
You tube still has my vote


Mr. Jones by Sparkles

– Danny


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