Greg Shaw & John Peel


PART 1: Ginsburg Ankles Lab

After two years Robyn will be leaving the lab for E!

She will be missed,but promises to keep us up on everything regarding birds,and all the fun programming at E!

We say go forth woman,and big thanks!

Here we see Robyn with her date Alex from Franz Ferdinand, hanging out at the UCLA salad bar

PART 2: Greg Shaw and John Peel

Just wanted to note the passing of two very important people. Having known Greg, his influence and support was much bigger then he would ever know. His support for my first band The Quick was very important. In the last issue of Bomp in 1978, The Quick’s Pretty Please was in the top 20 Power Pop (I will forgive him for coining that phrase) songs of all time. The music biz is a much sadder place with them gone. They both never stopped caring about music. If you do not know who they are please read up on them, they mattered!!!!

PART 3: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun AKA My Eyes Adored You

While going in for a random eye check up,they had me try this new device a Optomap, I believe. Instead of having your eyes dilated, you stick your eye in this camera device, and your eye ball looks like another planet, here is my right eye, or Venus you decide!


And of course here is my very popular left,you may know it is Mars!

No I am not doing acid!



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