20 Questions with nel : 2004


… Now it’s time for the nel staff to drop and give you 20!


Master web wizard Jon Krop throws the questions, and we have to answer?


1 – Best music moment in the past year:
Franz Ferdinand

2 – Rad Fad of the past year:

3 – Best song in a commercial in the past year:
Not Bad At All – Steve McDonald and Anna Waronker (Mini Cooper)

4 – Guilty pleasure of the past year:

5 – Not so guilty pleasure of the past year:
Ice Cappucino’s

6 – You are stuck on a road trip from LA to New York in the back seat, and the driver only has one CD that is playing over and over again …
you would prefer that CD to be:
A – John Mayer
B – William Hung
C – Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits
D – The Osmonds’ Crazy Horses It rocks!
E – George Harrison – Gone Troppo
F – Mick Jager – Primitive Cool
G – I would rather walk

7 – Music industry prediction for 2004?

Franz Ferdinand

8 – Best music related movie of 2003?
Kill Bill 1

9 – The best thing I did in 2003 was …
make it to the end!

10 – I still I can’t believe I actually liked …
Dawn Of The Dead

11 – I’m just itching from anticipation from the next release from …
William Hung

12 – Clear Channel should be banned before Howard Stern or Janet Jackson.

13 – Trust me you’ve GOT TO CLICK HERE and for the love of God, don’t ever ever CLICK HERE

14 – Politics being what they are today, Rodney Bingenheimer is recalled from Mayor of the Sunset Strip, in the runoff election your vote for his successor goes to:
The Hooker with 2 ponytails on the corner.

15 – Song with a hook so strong I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks(regardless of liking it or not …)
Hey Ya!

16 – Your last celebrity encounter was …
Can’t remember!

17 – The most recent book you finished reading …
Ginger Geezer

18 – The last time you dressed up for Halloween, your costume was …
80’s New Wave

19 – Pet peeve …

20 – A question for me from you …
Where do babies come from?
IKEA, I always see tons of them there, but I think you can get a better on EBAY.

Gospel Part 2

Well, if you have 2 dogs, why not three? Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce … Montgomery!



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