Rock and Roll Do Over

Rock and Roll Do Over

My band of yore The Three O’Clock got back together to play Coachella. We spent 3 months of rehearsals for this amazing do over.
What I mean is most bands reform and do the things they did before.
Started with The Glass House in Pomona a splendid starting point.
Long time band photographer Chris Haston captured this action shot.

Next came Conan we had been on TV never live it was a wild experience one we won’t forget.


Here we are on Conan.

Then we hit the desert first weekend in the 80’s second over 100 (Note never play drums in 100 plus degrees hard to breath.)

Another Chris Haston shot there is so much more but these are the bullet points again we had never played a festival.

Another do over moment. We had been recorded by Radio station but had never done a session well we did…here is proof KCSN Thank you!

Two more dates great times in SF:


We ended it with an LA show at the Troubadour ( I already miss playing drums)
My fave show!


I was given a drum head of our original logo as a gift. So many people made this month happen John Silva tops the list with his great team Pete Chris Michael etc… and a great crew… time to get back in the cave.. .will there be more? Not sure but I won’t forget April!


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