"My Machine" - 12 Stone Toddler
"Close To You" - The 88
courtesy of The 88
"Save Me" - The 88
courtesy of The 88
"You Are In Love" - The 88
courtesy of The 88
"I Saw The Light That Day" - The 88
courtesy of The 88
"Do You Love Me" - The 88
courtesy of The 88
"Center Of The Sun" - The 88
courtesy of The 88
"Think You Broke My Heart" - The 88
courtesy of The 88
"Twenty-Nine" - The Abigals

"Renault Jazz" - Abrahams

"Gonzalez" - Abrahams

"Sharp End" - Acting Strange

"4UYET" - Admith

"Darkest Light" - The Lafayette Afro Rock Band

"My Sweet Movida" - Alfa 9
courtesy of Blow Up Records

"Seedless" - Alfa 9
courtesy of Blow Up Records

"Then We Begin" - Alfa 9
courtesy of Blow Up Records

"ITGWO" - Amber Arcades

"All Day All Night" - And The Kids

"Easy Livin'" - Annaliese
"Cashmere" - Annaliese
"March On" - Annaliese
"Don't Say Anything" - Annaliese
"Stay Gone" - Annaliese
"Transparency" - Annaliese
"Long Gone Lime" As We Leave
"Heavy Sleep Broken" - Estelle Bajou
"125 Special" - Big Boss Man
courtesy of Blow Up Records Ltd.
"Love Is Confusion" Birds Of Paradise
"Put The Shake On You" Blind Matty
"Gettin' Stoned With My Ol' Lady" Blind Matty
"I Knew All Along" Black Box Revolution
"No Fun" Blood Stone
"Googa Mama" - The Bongolian

"The Riviera Affair" - The Bongolian
courtesy of Blow Up Records
"Merve Plays Vibes" - The Bongolian
courtesy of Blow Up Records
"Stop Look Listen" - Boom!
"Revelation"  - Laure Briard
"Favorite Foe" - Cadence Kid
"Hold On Me" - Cadence Kid
"Ever Loving You" - Candy Now
"Band of Brothers" - Billy Charger

"Piece of the Pie" - Chevron Shawl

"When It's Over" - Crystales

"Emergencye" - Clorox Girls
"Give Me Love" - Club 8
"Swimming with the Tide" - Club 8
"Skin" - Club 8
"Movement" - Club 8
"Stop Taking My Time" - Club 8
"Stop Taking My Time" - Cold Arizona
"Su Sonrisa" - Thee Commons
"Live This Way" - Roland Cosio
"Su Sonrisa" - Thee Commons
"Cascade" - Count Vaseline
"Fly My Plane" - Cowboy Racer
courtesy of Cowboy Racer
"Alaska" - Wes Cunningham

"Good Good Feeling" - Wes Cunningham
courtesy of Pentavarit
"People Will Say Anything" - Wes Cunningham
courtesy of Pentavarit
"Moogchile" - Daiquiri Fantomas
"Borderline" - Aj Davilla
"Love Interest" - Dear Boy
"Beloved" - Robert Deeble
"The Butcher Boy" - Robert Deeble
"Fahrenheit 451" - Robert Deeble
"Undertow" - Robert Deeble
"Sober Driver" - Dengue Fever
courtesy of M80 Music
"Pizza Man" - DFL - My Crazy Life
"Another Day" - Diamond Hands
"The Kid" - Dirty Rivers
"Black Heart Filth" - Dirty Rivers
"Shooters" - Dirty Rivers
"I'm Mad" - Distractor
"Video Games" - Distractor
"Went To The Store" - Distractor
"Ripe For Love" - DJ Dunya
"Millions" - DJUSTIN
"She's So Tough" - Dr. Boogie
"Miley Cyrus Wins The Race" - DTCV
"Black Monday" - Drinking Flowers
"Forget Me Not" - The Dwarves
"The One I Love" - Israel Erez
"The Real World" - elle belle

"Full of Nothing" -  Israel Erez
"Kicking At Stones" - The Eves

"Sun In Hands" - The Eves

"Feel So Blue" - The Eves

"Yellow Lines" - The Eves

"Tascam's Revenge" - The Eves

"Impossible" -  The Everyday Visuals
"Bound To Let You Down" - Eyelids

"Breakin' Bones" - Exotic Adrian Street

"Emotion Machine" - Jason Falkner
courtesy of Jason Falkner
"They Always Come Back" - Jordan Galland
courtesy of Shout! Factory
"One Worth Ending" - Gregg Garvey

"Modern Love" - Gertie Fox

"Let Go!" - Gigolo Aunts
courtesy of Bitter Sweet Recordings 
"We Get Byl" - The Gooch Palms
"Chip's Folly" - Lazy Salon
"Final Clap Fever" - Gram Rabbit
"Wild Imagination" - Gram Rabbit
"Dirty Horse" - Gram Rabbit
courtesy of Stinky Records
"Off With Your Head" - Gram Rabbit
courtesy of Stinky Records
"California Christmas" - Gram Rabbit
"Free Stuff" - Grape St
"It's On Now" - Greasy Pipes
"That Says It All" - the Green and Yellow TV
courtesy of Records Record 
"Desire" - Grei
"Keep Your Hands To Yourself" - Grinny Grandad
"Nedayeh Bahar" - Habibi
"Loudmouth" - Habibi
"Detroit Baby" - Habibi
"I Got The Moves" - Habibi
"Cannibal" - Marika Hackman
"Diamond Drops" - The Haiduks
"Dancing" - Fay Hallam & The Bongolian
"Silver Steak" - Hammered Satin
"Upward Spiral" - Hammered Satin
"Keep On Shining" - Curtis Harding
"Slap Happy" - Harvard WingTip Collection
"Can I Come By" - The Heartlights
"When You're Gone" - Heavy Metal Anthem
"Please Stay" - Heavy Metal Anthem
"The Art Of Screaming At A Crowd"  - Hello From Reno
courtesy of Hello From Reno
"Over Me" - Ideal Types
"You're Alright" - iT?
"The Problem Is You" - iT?
"Just A Lovely Day" - Jaill
"Beggar Sincere" - Jaill
"Without Reluctance(Reprise)" - Danny James
"We Are Weird Now" - Jingletown
"The Closing Door" - Mitchell Adam Johnson
"Round & Round" - Mitchell Adam Johnson
"Make It Spin" - Jessie Jones
"Sugar Coated" - Jessie Jones
"L'accident" - Juniore
"Panique" - Juniore
"Day Dream For A Friend" - Juniper Rising
"Days Of Heaven" - Juniper Rising
"Eternel phmre" - Daven Keller
"Your Work Is Magic" - Cadence Kid
"The Sad 80's" - Vincent Kircher
"Northwood" - John Krautner
"Afterglow" - Mads Langer
"Everybody's Hearts Breaking Now" - Lavendar Diamond
"Everybody's Hearts Breaking Now" - Lavendar Diamond
"Happy Alteration" - LA Law
"Broken Heart Disease" - La Lenguas
"Love You All The Time" - La Lenguas
"Trisset" - Lazy Salon
"Chip's Folly" - Lazy Salon
"Pacificos" - Lenguas Largas
"Michae lLennie" - The Lemons
"Moody Michelle" - Lenz
"Crystal Ball" - Levitation Room
"Loved" - Levitation Room
"Seul" - Les Marinellis
"Quand elle Marche" - Les Marinellis
"Firefly" - Alex Lilly
"Paranoid Times" - Alex Lilly
"Get On" - Lodekka
courtesy of Freshly Squeezed Music
"Grass It Grows" - Cuesta Loeb
"My King" - Cuesta Loeb
"Wrecks" - Lonesome Shack
"White Lightning" - Lonesome Shack
"Alone" - Low Hum
"Weissenhauser" - Francis Macdonald
courtesy of Shoeshine Records
"Without Love" - Pete MacLeod
"Rolling Stone" - Pete MacLeod
"Feel Like A Record That's Scratched" - Francis MacDonald and Harry Pye
"Aarhus" - Francis Macdonald
courtesy of Shoeshine Records
"Love On The Run" - Margaret Doll Rod
"Evil Coast" - Mary Onettes
"Silence Is A Gun" - Mary Onettes
"Love's Taking Strange Ways" - Mary Onettes
"Runnoft" - Massenger
"Cop Song" - Massenger
"Marie Mathématique" - Marie Mathématique
"Girl Glass" - Massenger
"No Reason To Cry" - Melissa Mathes
courtesy of Melissa Mathes
"Five and Tens" - Mattiel
"Send It On Over" - Mattiel
"Hey Mover" - Meercaz
"Okay, Cupid" - The Memories
"Eego Game" - Messenger
"Do You Know What I Mean?" - Lee Michaels
"Say Tonight" - The Rich Michalowski
"Vampire" - The Mighty Stef
  "Sing To Me"- The Mighty Stef
courtesy of Firstborn Recordings
  "Saint Catherine" - The Mighty Stef
courtesy of Firstborn Recordings
real player
"Happy" - Misty Miller

"The Dying Physicist" - Miracle Parade
courtesy of Little Record Company
"Sthanding The Night"  - Miss Chain & The Broken Heels
"September Light"  - Andrew Morgan
"Epilogue" - Andrew Morgan
courtesy of Andrew Morgan
"As Long As We're Together" - Andrew Morgan
courtesy of Andrew Morgan
"My First Girlfriend" - The Mope Grooves
"Sad Supermarket Song" - Mozez And The Firstborn
"Baldy" - Mozez And The Firstborn
"I Got Skillz" - Mozez And The Firstborn
"Ending" - Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel
"Sunshine Daydream" - Mr. Elevator
"I Dream About Your Hair" - MSKS
courtesy of Black Lab Recordings
"Over The Hills" - Thomas Mudrick
"Evolution" - Sarah Bethe Nelson
"Out Of My Reach" - Sarah Bethe Nelson
"Start Somewhere" - Sarah Bethe Nelson
"Fast Moving Clouds" - Sarah Bethe Nelson
"Gentlemen's Gold" - Neon Plastix
courtesy of Blow Up
"On Fire" - Neon Plastix
courtesy of Blow Up
"Fallin in Luv" - Nice Man
courtesy of Shoeshine Records
real player
"Room" - Nive
courtesy of Nive
"The Devil" - The Nooks
"Don't Leave Me Behind" - Noonday Underground
"Whispering Sands" - Noonday Underground
"Go It Alone" - Noonday Underground
real player
"My Hometown" - Todd O'Keefe

"Go Go" - Zemog Otrebor
"Midnight Sun" - Holly Overton
"Lost The War" - Paper Lions
courtesy of Paper Lions
"My Friend" - Paper Lions
"Five Alarm" - Patrick Park
"My Friend" - Paper Lions
"Rock N Roll Friend" - Patsy's Rats"
"On Pop Of The World" - PEACHFUZZ

"Princess Castle 1987" - Peach Kelli Pop

"Dreamphone" - Peach Kelli Pop

"Style" - The Penetrators
courtesy of Freshly Squeezed
"Independence Day" - Persephone's Bees
courtesy of Persephone's Bees / Dizzy Kiss Music

"Ugly Thing" - Persephone's Bees
courtesy of Persephone's Bees / Dizzy Kiss Music
"I Called You Last Christmas" - Seth Pettersen
"Jewelry Box" - Seth Pettersen
"Eye Know You" - Seth Pettersen
"Stains" - Pheeyownah
"No Flavour" - Phobophobes
"All's Alright" - Plastic Pinks
"Slow As A Rock" - Platoon
"Pulls Me Under" - Angus Powell
"Hole In My Heart" - Angus Powell
"Pretty Please" - the Quick
courtesy of the Quick
real player
"Poison Polly" -  The Quick
"My Year Abroad" -  Race Horses
"Mates" -  Race Horses
"Benidorm" - Race Horses
courtesy of Fantastic Plastic
"Cake" - Race Horses
courtesy of Fantastic Plastic
"Heaven's On Fire" - The Radio Department
courtesy of Labrador
"Vertical Burn" - Sonny Raines
"No Black Clouds Float By" - The Reasonars
"7th Wave" - Miranda Lee Richards
"The Losing Team" - Carly Ritter + Wendy Wang
"Catapult" - Roofwalkers
"Be Many Gone" - Eileen Rose
"Mail Man" - Roya
"A Sickness" - Roya
"Evergreen - Salad Undressed
"Being Human" - Salad Undressed
"Talk 2 Her" - Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs
"Wave" - Scully
"Once In A Lifetime" - The Separate
courtesy of Setana

"West End Girls" - The Separate
courtesy of Setana
"Melatonin" - September Girls
"Love No One" - September Girls
"Green Eyed" - September Girls
"Vultures" - Sennen
courtesy of Sennen
"Sleep Heavy Tonight" - Sennen
courtesy of Sennen
"Even Now" - Sennen
courtesy of Sennen
"So Over" - The Shh
"Cardiac" - Shinning Mirros
"Everybody is Christ" - Shinning Mirros
"Turn Me On" - Shivas
"Invent A Gem" - Shrouded Strangers
"Drive" - Side Watcher
"The Ronald Opus" - Silvery
"Do You Want To Be Friends" - Keith Slettedahl
"She's Going To Break My Heart" - Keith Slettedahl
"Drunk By The Pool" - Keith Slettedahl
"Colours Collide" - Neville Skelly
"Colours Collide" - Neville Skelly
"Will She Hold Another" - Neville Skelly
"One Way Out" - The Sloths
"Summer Sun" - The Smoking Trees
"Lifetime Experience" - The Smoking Trees
"You're Not Alone" - Cathal Smyth
"Addicted To The Weekend" - Soaked
"Til The End Of Time" - The Sound Reasons
"My Mind" - Will Sprott
"Future Boy Today Man of Tomorrow" - Tobin Sprout
"It Came From The Heart" - Step-Panther
"Made Me Leave - Crispy Grapes II" - The Sufis
"After Hours" - The Sufis
"Nothing More To Say" - The Sufis
"Into The Light" - Sundowners
"Dreams v2" - Sunwolf
"Push It" - Sunwolf
"Air Hostess" - The Supernaturals
"Change Your Mind" - Suspect Parts
"Hard On"- Sweet Life Society
"Manner of Speaking"- Sweet Nobody
"Rock Alone"- Sweet Reaper
"Chiovi" - SwinGrowers
"Mama" - Swing Republic
"Delusional" - Sofia Talvik
"Ill" - Aaron Taos
"Follow" - Telegram
"Start Over" - Katelyn Tarver
"Salvatica" - Thee Commons
"Tijuana" - Three

"Cantaloupe Girlfriend" - The Three O'clock

"Alright" - Tiger High

"Holy Roller" - The Tills

"Oh Child" - Trementina

"Pink House" - The Twin Atlas
courtesy of The Twin Atlas
"Tha Club House Click Pimpin'" - II Tone

"Magic Woman" - Unkle Funkle
"With The Tides" - Usselman
"High Tide Low Tide" - The Vasalines

"What Better Time" - Vaudeville Etiquette

"Porcelain White - Veener Publications

" Go" -  Vision
" You Should Know" -  Vision
"Make Me Feel Better" - Jesika Von Rabbit
"Innuendo" - Jesika Von Rabbit
"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" - Jesika Von Rabbit
"Looking for a Weirdo" - Jesika Von Rabbit
"Glamorous Misery" - Jesika Von Rabbit
"Going Down" - Jesika Von Rabbit
"You Drive Me Ape(You Big Gorilla)" - Jesika Von Rabbit
" Psychic Spice" -  Jesika Von Rabbit
"Put Your Weight On Me" -  Jesika Von Rabbit
"Be New" -  Wendy Wang
"Baby Let Me In" -  Wendy Wang
"A Million Miles Away" -  Wendy Wang
"Motivos" -  Wendy Wang
"Burn Like Stars" -  Wendy & Annalise
"All The Stars" -  The Western States Motel
courtesy of Firebird Fields Recordings
"Bong Rip" -  White Fang
"Snowfalls" - Whyte Horses
"This Will Be Your Drink" - Willoughby
"Jaded" - Winter
"Pretty Girls" - Winterpills
"Are You Sleeping" - The Winterpills
courtesy of Signature Sounds
"Open Secret" - David Woodcock
"Same Things" - David Woodcock
"Bathing" - Hilary Woods
"Sabbath" - Hilary Woods
"Get It Right" - Wife vs Secretary
"I Will Make You Mine" - Yea-Ming and The Rumours
"Ways of Love" - Scott Yoder
"Stan In The Way" - Yo Ung Guv
"Ripe For Love" - Yo Ung Guv