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With no fixed anchor but a draw to the North. Inspired by calm, strength and emotion.

Connecting the power, love and vulnerability of two very different worlds in an alluringly toxic combination that equates to O F N Ø R t H.

Kasper Holm Larsen comes from a world of adapting to others’ needs, a musical Shapeshifter.

Angus Powell comes from an organic insular world built on a melancholic atmosphere.

‘ØVeR’, the collaboration’s debut single was released back in 2021 and captured the hearts and imagination of Indie pop listeners and music supervisors alike.

O F N Ø R t H returned in March with their second single ‘tHE ReCoRD’, a beautifully honest, yet heartbreaking track that featured stunning strings from Davide Rossi

(Coldplay, Sigur Ros, Goldfrapp).

“Life has no maps, straight lines or certainties.

Small changes can go unnoticed but slowly and surely collect together until the change becomes inevitable.

This is the song you hope you’ll never have to sing, and even more so, pray you’ll never have to be sung” – (O F N Ø R t H – speaking about The Record)

The two set out with one main focus – to make music that coungers up images and that gives butterflies goosebumps.

With more songs and intriguing features on the way 2022 is set to be an interesting year for this

Danish / Welsh Collaboration.

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