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    June 1, 2018 by  
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    Rare In-Person Live Event The Making of Mondo Deco for LA’s Post Glam, Pre-Punk L.A. Cult Band 1976 Debut Album Mondo Deco June 1 Expanded Edition Reissue from Real Gone Music Will Be the Band’s Only Live Event
    LOS ANGELES, CA (THURSDAY MAY 31, 2018) – The Los Angeles mid-seventies post glam, pre-punk, power-pop band The Quick confirmed today a once-in-a-lifetime live event The Making of Mondo Deco with Moderator/Actor Mark Hamill, panelists Producer/Engineer Earle Mankey, band members Danny Benair & Steve Hufsteter and The Quick Fan Club President and Frontier Records founder Lisa Fancher. This event will take place at Beyond Baroque on Thursday June 14 at 8pm, admission is $10 and will be first come, first served RSVP via this Facebook link: The Quick In Conversation
    This live event is in conjunction with a reissue of The Quick’s 1976 Mercury Records debut Mondo Deco as Expanded Edition on June 1 from Real Gone Music for the first time ever on CD. Mondo Deco’s original 10 tracks were produced by Kim Fowley and Earle Mankey (original Sparks guitarist and also engineer) at the Beach Boys’ Brother Studios. The Expanded Edition is now a jam packed 21 tracks and features those original ten tracks newly remastered by Bill Inglot plus an additional ten demos (which got them signed to Mercury Records) and an unreleased bonus track. The package also includes a track-by-track commentary by band member Danny Benair, extensive liner notes by Lisa Fancher, a new essay on the bands legacy and never-before-seen archival photos.  
    Rising from the smog encrusted, sun baked San Fernando Valley, The Quick only existed for three short years (1975-1978) but in that time band members Steven Hufsteter (guitar) and Danny Benair (drums), Ian Ainsworth (bass), Danny Wilde (vocals) and Billy Bizeau (keyboards) managed to carve out a rabid fan base who could were looking for a band that could ‘break down the walls between AM and FM radio’ as Lisa Fancher mentions in her liner notes. It’s no wonder that each went on greater heights in music as Hufsteter, who wrote most of The Quick material went on to form the seminal Los Angeles band The Cruzados, Wilde and Ainsworth formed the band Great Buildings, Wilde then formed The Rembrandts who co-wrote and sang the song “I’ll Be There for You” which was the theme song for the hit NBC sitcom Friends, Bizeau went on to write “Queens of Noise” for The Runaways and Benair went on to fame behind the kit in bands like The Weirdos and The Three O’Clock. 


    May 1, 2018 by  
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    One day that will mean something to a few of you.

    Right now we finished The Three O’Clock (my band) project. Just need to add  a surprise and a little more mixing and later this year it will see the light of day.

    A couple photos from the studio.


    March ends and here comes April.

    April 2, 2018 by  
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    Well Baseball is back, you know that I have dived head first into my Los Angeles Dodgers. I prepare for another 6 months of up’s and downs.
    Opening day:

    The Quick Mondo Deco.
    Never reissued. My first bands record is finally coming out this June on Real Gone Music.
    Here is my advance.


    The Three O’Clock secret project.
    Yes more music that I will not make money on…
    A very fun secret project with my band. Back at Earle Mankey’s Psychedelic Shack for the first time since 16 Tambourines.
    Louis the mighty Earle and myself at the end of day one… more news down the line..

    Danny Benair


    Wild Honey The Three O’Clock

    March 1, 2018 by  
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    About once a year Paul Rock and his amazing team put on quite an event all in the name of Autism Think Tank.
    We have been asked to play a few times, and it is always a pleasure to be on board for this worthy event.
    This year paid tribute to Buffalo Springfield, who though are known, seem under the radar to me even though major names came from the band.
    We were lucky enough to perform on of their hit singles Rock N’ Roll Woman.
    Video from the audience.
    The vibe was great, got to geek out and meet some faves on the bill.
    Great cause, great people and it was fun!!

    Wild Honey presents the music of Buffalo Springfield

    January 31, 2018 by  
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    Very excited to be playing with my band The Three O’Clock for the Wild Honey Autism Think Tank.

    The show is dedicated to one of my favorite bands Buffalo Springfield.
    A few seats are left. Good cause, good times.
    Hope to see you there!

    Danny Benair


    Happy New Year!~

    January 2, 2018 by  
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    Well, we kicked to the curb 2017 and many memories should stay there!
    I wrapped up the month a few positive things… I did this…

    Fun site with a new 45  weekly. Thanks Daniel! If you got to https://www.facebook.com/thequickpowerpop/

    You can hear some tracks being mixed by the very talented Brian Kehew and yours truly on the sidelines… out takes from The Quick’s Mondo Deco being released in April or thereabouts.


    Danny Benair


    My Fake Band…Or is it?

    December 2, 2017 by  
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    This has been an all around bad year for many, so I thought I would end with my secret band.
    Kim Gardner of The Birds and Creation and Jackie Lomax, with yours truly, in the center.
    Discussing our very secret 70’s power trio
     A Who party, drinks flowing… are the dreams in a teens heads real? I just can not say. Photo by Brad Elterman.
    All I can say was I was there!
    You decide!
    Have a great holidaze

    World Series & Tiger Lily of Studio City’s 1st Birthday celebration

    November 2, 2017 by  
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    World Series.
    If a glass is half full, I always think it is a 1/4 full, just to protect myself for my love of the Dodgers. Dodgers back in the World Series YES!
    Come back for a deciding game 7 First time ever in Dodger Stadium history. Last game 7 by the Dodgers was 1965 Dodgers Minnesota won by grey haired man in the front row below. Sandy Koufax. I could write pages on how I feel, but I just have to accept it, climb into the off season. Maybe I should take up checkers…
    Thank you Dodgers for taking it all the way.

    From my wife Dianne Benair

    It’s probably no surprise to learn that Tiger Lily of Studio City’s 1st Birthday celebration was a classy affair. Tiger Lily welcomed an intimate selection of friends and family to the legendary Mulholland dog park. She wore a red Gatsby-esque fringed dress.

    In romance news, Phoenix and Poppy Lake were snapped canoodling under the jungle gym. According to our sources, the soiree allegedly descended into debauchery securing its place in party folklore. 

    She insisted on donations to charity over birthday gifts.


    My Home Away From Home

    October 3, 2017 by  
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    Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record in baseball. I should be jumping for joy as we head into the playoffs. I am a Dodgers fan always reluctant to get overjoyed. This view from my seats on a cloudy day. While visiting lovely Los Angeles stay at our lovely Air BnB.
    Finally I just have to say, there is no need for semi-automatic weapons in the hands of civilians.  We all know that the Las Vegas tragedy is really beyond words, and the world we live in just not right.
    Smile when you can.
    Danny Benair 10/3 2017

    And We Opened An Air BnB!

    September 2, 2017 by  
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    Hi if you are ever in Los Angeles and looking to book Air BnB, come visit!