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    March 1, 2017 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Jon has been looking out for Natural Energy Lab’ s website since day one, and had our back,

    Thanks to friends and strangers and the ACA,  Jon has had many people come to his rescue.
    It turned out that he had an acute pancreatitis attack and spent 4 days in critical care at Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley. CA.
    Even with ACA, bills were rising, this page has helped and he has reached his goal!
    I am so glad, Jon please stick around pal!


    If you want to donate the link is above, or if you need help with any graphic / design / web projects –  throw some work his way!
    You can contact him thru his site: atomicpopmonkey.com

    Thanks and goodnight.

    Square One: the darker side of the Swinging Sixties

    February 4, 2017 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    I need to get away from theAlternative truth. I like Facts but I do like Fiction when it comes to geeky UK 60’s books about fake rock bands. Ugly Things did a feature on Square One this obscure book, and I have to say i am enjoying it! Nothing like something to take my mind for a moment off the ugly in the US, this is not who we are.


    Farewell 2016

    January 4, 2017 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Farewell 2016 You were a bummer in so many ways..was it the worst year? How do I know? I am sure the Salem Witchcraft trials were a bummer.

    We did lose way too many Iconic people in various fields, some more shocking than others. Plus an election that was not pretty and does not look any prettier after the fact.
    Thinking positive… there was good music and some truly wonderful films and books… Onward we go and HNY!
    Danny Benair and by the way our new number is 818-429-4383

    Today, Tomorrow, Next Week..

    November 30, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    I have never lived in a time like this. The fact that a over filled drain of Trump’s cronies will take office is beyond fathomable.

    Social network is both sucking me in and making me ill.
    Thoughts I have had:
    We have a president elect who knows less about the constitution then immigrants studying to become citizens.
    Clinton’s lawyer sums it up best: We are getting attacked for participating in a recount that we didn’t ask for by the man who won election but thinks there was massive fraud.
    There have been some rays of sunshine – one of my all time favorite people was honored by President Obama with the Presidential Medal Of Freedom Honor, this made me smile. Here is Vin Scully’s Face The Nation interview.Thanks!!

    We want to introduce you to our Soundcloud page! VOTE!

    October 31, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    We want to introduce you to our Soundcloud page!

    We will try to post more than is on the website.


    The election…
    Everyone wants this to go away.
    I believe that in my lifetime there has never been a more important election.
    The key to me is the Supreme Court. My friends who have kids will grow up and have kids and this could impact generations, long after I have hit the road.
    VOTE!! I’m with her, Donald Trump is the worst person to ever run for the office.

    This tweet sums it up.



    What Vin Scully Means To Me

    September 29, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    I have not known a Dodgers/baseball world that did not include Vin Scully.
    It started when my late father left the state of Israel,where he fought in the underground.
    My mother is from Chicago and her parents from Russia. When they moved to Los Angeles. My Grandfather turned my father on to Vin.
    Grandfather did not live long enough for the move to the west coast Dodgers.

    My dad would come home every day from work, as a Painting Contractor in the 50’s/ 60’s after the LA move dressed in white, with paint splatter all over his clothes, but in his hand was one of many transistor radios, covered in paint splatter ala Jackson Pollock.In his hand to listen to Vin. The combination of Sandy Koufax and Vin Scully had such an impact on the community.
    We went to games the rest of his life and I still go.. When I hear Vin, I always think of my dad. We never went to a game without a radio, I still do.
    I would love to know the percentage of MLB players Vin has seen in his lifetime … even if it was just from stats,not counting him seeing games as a young kid.
    His final call at Dodger Stadium, Charlie Culberson’s game winning,division clinching home run. Hollywood could have not scripted it better.
    Thank you Vin you did change my life, and I appreciate your wit and warmth and overall knowledge. It is like of a friend talking just to you.I do believe that he is.
    Big hugs to Vin…


    For Whom The Ball Toles

    September 1, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Andrew Toles of the Dodgers.

    If you know me at all you know I LOVE Baseball.

    I also love a story of an underdog.

    Andrew Toles was in the Tampa Bay Rays organization and had some troubles, and was let go. Andrew Friedman president of the Dodgers and former GM at Tampa Bay saw that Andrew in a couple of years had landed out of baseball, spending part of 2015 bagging groceries. He signed him to the Dodgers in the off season and quickly climbed the minor league ladder. He joined the Dodgers and has made the most of his ever increasing playing time. Aug 31st second game of a double header in Colorado. They lost game one and were losing 8-2 slowly chipping away until the 8th they were down 8-6 Andrew came up and hit a GRAND SLAM!! Dodgers win 10-8, fantastic moment for a guy on the outside of baseball, such a short time ago. Here it is!

    Pink Floyd

    August 1, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Now that they announced a 27 disc CD/DVD box – from Syd days to 1972.
    Here is a clip from Saucerful of Secrets on Belgium TV, shortly after Syd’s departure.
    Dig It! First song I ever heard by them!
    Start saving you dimes…

    and this nice color clip


    The Quick – Untold Rock Stories available from Burger Records!

    July 5, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    the_quick_-_untold_rock_stories_sm_2My first band The Quick, has just released the first LP version of Untold Rock Stories,that scoops up our demos and assorted odds and ends.

    Originally slated for Record Store Day, some issues arose… BUT here it is!

    Double LP out of the shelf, with two songs not available elsewhere!

    Thanks to Burger Records for never ever giving up on this.. Buy it Enjoy it!

    Bootlegs and PopSpots

    May 30, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    As I usually do, I was hanging at my local record store Freakbeat Records. The subject of a record meet and a bootleg of my first band The Quick came up.

    CjprKMoVAAI4IM0A few weeks pass and good friend and Freakbeat owner Bob Say hands me one that he picked up.
    It is so funny to see a bootleg 3 CD’s no less, where you know that some of the tapes started in my collection of live gigs! Naught Naughty, and amused at the same time.
    This site passed my way by Bill Inglot. It shows you where many famous photos were taken. Have a look this one is for Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde … fun site!


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