Farewell Gerald Chevin

Around 2011 I became friends on Facebook with Gerald Chevin.
He was one of the unsung heroes in recording.
First I have to say he was such a warm charming man.
He spent his early recording years at Adivison.
He engineered and discovered one of my favorite bands Idle Race which was Jeff Lynne’s group.
Worked with The Who on Dogs and Magic Bus and countless others.
He co produced one of my favorite records Shazam by The Move he engineered many of the bands records.
Also worked on Bowie’s Man Who Sold The World and so many more.
Probably both Bowie and The Move’s heaviest work!
Going back to 2011 he was trying finish his back about his career. I know that Jim Mills has gone way down that road and do hope he is able to complete it.
Sadly we never met in person, but had him on my record club and was adored by all involved.
Big hug to your family.
You will be missed.

Photo is of Tony Visconti on the left with Gerald.



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