I Was There!

t-rex408-webI Was There!
Underrated wet coast photographer Greg Papazian took this photo proving that I was one nervy kid. How me and my friend Mike Ignelzi got into T Rex’s sound check and walked right to the front at the Hollywood Palladium as if he was playing for only the two of us, I will never know! But yes that is me looking up at Marc in rock awe!

Party shuffle madness
(In no order)
1. Sweet Freedom by Jeff Christie (Of Yellow River fame!)
2. Femme Fatale Teenage Fanclub Teens go Velvet!
3. The Last Thing On My Mind-Marianne Faithfull covered many times, here is MF on the BBC!
4. Surfers Rule The Beach Boys I am from the valley surfers would have kicked my ass!
5. Blue Condition (Alternate Version) By Cream, how I feel, I just want my face back!
and as I fade…
6. Seen A Ghost by The Honedogs… I am off to play every T Rex 45 on my turntable, record club is open!

Francis Macdonald has a date with Nissan!
Click Here to watch!

Stay Thirsty
The most interesting man in the world Dos Equis campaign has been my favorite for awhile. As I TIVO through life, I always stop laugh and smile when I see these spots. GreatStay thirsty my friends indeed!


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