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    July 1, 2008 by  
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    Gram Rabbit sings “Danny Benair”
    Last week I received a song from Gram Rabbit, called Danny Benair, and yes that’s my name, I am more than flattered. It made me think the only thing missing is a cape, and my life is complete! Big hug goes out to them!

    Party Shuffle
    It is Saturday, and what is rocking at Casa Benair
    1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow-The Quick the song Mr. Bowie borrowed from to write Starman we, do our version as if Bowie and Queen jammed!
    2. Sorry She’s Mine-Sandy Coast as they cover The Small Faces
    3. Look Away-The Spencer Davis Group, nice one!
    4. By Request Of Edwin Garvey-Manfred Mann listening to the Bonzos?
    5. Tommy Gun-The Clash, yes I am Punk Rock – so look out!
    and finally…
    6. Crosseyed- Brendan Benson

    More News!
    Lauren McCarthy joins the lab, Lauren is in the house, pitching away, so say hello to her- lab coat to follow…

    Historic Night at Dodger Stadium
    Well it was a historic night here at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night. The Dodgers defeated the Angels 1-0 without the benefit of a hit. So in other words we got no-hit and still won the game. This is the 5th time in the history of the game of baseball (over 100 years) that this has occurred. Here is a photo to commemorate this historic night. Enjoy!!



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