Melissa Paull

melissa030Melissa Paull has left the lab. I feel like my daughter has just went out and got her own apartment.

She started working for me at Polygram Music Publishing, as my intern,she was shy (yes, shy) and I think 17. I remember on her last day there, I introduced her to vinyl. I said “Go forth and find me track 3 on this LP by War” She went into acting, and became BORED BY IT ALL DARLING!

Let’s do stand up comedy!
In a year and half she went from running around town getting up, anywhere, and everywhere, even the office! Free comedy, but she always charges us the two drink minimum.

She has left to become a regular on MAD TV, starting in November, I have TIVO ready, she is funny, no FUNNY! We miss her, we cried, go forth and kick Hollywood in the ass, they deserve it!

Melissa passes her torch onto Heather Kreamer, so Hello Heather, and see you on TV Melpaull.

– Danny


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