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dannysravesWhen I started this site, I always meant to talk about music, movies etc., that I was excited about. Well it has taken some time, but here are a few things that I think you should know about.

New Music
Franz Ferdinandnatural energy lab front cover this month, from Scotland, first release out in September. Single sounds like The Stokes meets Echo and The Bunnymen to these ears. We love this at the lab … Darts Of Pleasure is the first single. WOW!

Reissues you should own.
Resurrection-The Aerovons (RPM)
Imagine in 1968, you live in St.Louis, your mom flies you to the UK, you sound like The Beatles, get signed to their label, record at Abbey Road, meet The Beatles, use their engineers, beat Badfinger by a half a year at their sound, and break up after 2 45’s, but record an amazing lp that is seeing the light of day in 2003. A wonderful CD. I can imagine frontman Tom Hartman telling his stories over the years in bars, and guys going, “yeah, right”. World Of You, is an amazing song. BUY!!

Rod Argent and Colin Blunstrone of The Zombies, at the Knitting Factory
Some of the best songs ever written, proved that old guys rock, can get it right, a few minor cringe moments (but all bands have that, so give them a break).Colin sounds better than in the days of The Zombies. To hear any songs off of Odessey and Oracle live was worth the price of admission. As I have commented here before, this is a must own CD.

My favorite movie last month was Dirty Pretty Things, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor (Never seen him before, great!) and Audrey Tatou a suspense film that really has some nice twists. Directed by Stephen Frears, who gives it a very gritty look at London’s underbelly. Don’t want to spoil it, see it and stop wasting your money on all the crap out there.

Yes, I am a Dodger fan, yes I am tortured, yes I love Baseball, season is zooming by (could be a good thing), Enjoy Dodger Stadium, just bring your own food!

Libertines, new release Don’t Look Back Into The Sun-Latest, maybe the last with Pete, great end of the summer single produced by Bernard Butler, back in the producer’s chair. Am I biased, ah…no! I love it, but you should use it in a film, or…car commercial, ask the lab for a copy, it rocks!

– Danny


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