artist: Crystales
featured track:
"When It's Over"

Named after the famed glass cathedral in Orange County, the L.A. shoegaze pop band Crystales evoke the California coast with their distorted surf riffs and Beach Boys-inspired melodies. Songs like the dreamy "Boring" and kaleidescopic "Seance" combine deep distortion a la My Bloody Valentine with touches of Phil Spector's wall of sound, the Smiths' jangle pop and Spanish music, while songs like "Shoggoth" are darker and heavier, revealing a sound closer to Nirvana or Sonic Youth. All new songs were recorded by Joel Jerome (Dios) in Highland Park, Calif., and come from the band's forthcoming debut LP, due in 2017.

After all playing together in various configurations over the years, Crystales formed in 2012 by brothers Nick and Billy Gil (guitar/vocals), cousin Tony Infante (bass) and neighbor Jason Hanakeawe (lead vocals/drums). They've played all over L.A. at venues like the Echo, the Smell and at Make Music Pasadena, with like-minded acts like Roses, Dunes, Moaning, Post Life, Joel Jerome and others. The band has released two digital 7"s and in 2015 released a self-titled EP, recorded by Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus). 

Here's some press:

"Crystales are a band from Highland Park sporting that ‘60s beach vibe with fuzzy facial hair and fuzz pedals. ... Splashing through C86 guitar tones with just the right amount of reverb and kicking down walls of sound, Crystales have shimmered through Los Angeles and Pasadena..." -The Deli Magazine

"L.A. three-piece Crystales call Highland Park home but they were formed in the South Bay, and those warm and breezy beach vibes are palpable in the hazy tones of their perfectly pleasant indie pop. Unlike the band members’ various other projects (The Squids, Cheesecake Factory, Hunx and his Punx), Crystales play low-key, low tide dream pop awash in melancholy." -Lo-Pie

"These guys were a delight live. Blending shoegaze with their own 'Spanish' surf-pop sounds, Crystales definitely had a little flair to their sound." -Grimy Goods