artist: Harvard WingTip Collection
featured track:
"Slap Happy"

Born as Snarlaugher, G-String and the Leading Zeroes in the late 1970s in Madison, WI

Died as Harvard WingTip Collection (aka the Tips) in the mid 1980s in Boston, MA

Lived in Kansas City, MO; London, England; Minneapolis, MN; Kansas City, MO; Boston, MA

Associated with the post-punk indie scene of KCMO in the early 1980s

Notably compared to pre-Eno Talking Heads, Wall of Voodoo, Jonathan Richman (more than once)

Described variously to have a “demonic bark” and “knowing romanticism” and as “tabletop intellectoids”

The band had a bell-curved and Spinal Tapped existence:
Born as a duo

Becomes a trio in KCMO with David Matteson on drums

Interlude: Duo travels to London and signs a single deal, a contract that their lawyer says he wouldn’t offer to his dog

Stays a trio in Minneapolis with Matthew Zimmerman on drums

Interlude: One month after leaving London, team finds a rave review of its demo in Melody Maker magazine written by Allan Jones, who at the time didn’t seem to like anything Records one song as a quintet in KCMO with James, Ca and Maggie on vocals Last plays live as a quartet with Cinna Turnbull on winds, bass and vocals, and Barry on drums

Barry no doubt has a last name but it’s been lost in the archives

Dies as a duo after moving to Boston (no connection)

“Luxury Suite/Fall Flat” vinyl single found for as much as $99 on Amazon

In the afterlife Charles Harvey, founding member, continues his solo career performing in France as “Charles Harvey.” Stephen Seltzer, founding member, became a recording engineer and producer whose name is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (look on the back of the Gerald Levert