artist: Angus Powell
featured track:
"Pulls Me Under"

Angus Powell is a unique voice in the UK music scene.

Sharing his time between homes in Wales and London,

His EP “Monsters” is the result of an intensely focussed writing and self -recording period in Wales. Using basic equipment and recording in various rooms around his house and in nearby fields and hillsides – ideas are laid down as soon as they form resulting in a freshness and fragility which is clearly apparent in the completed track.

Angus' work continues to receive airplay across the world and his songs have recently been featured in Hit TV shows Elementary (CBS) and Kingdom (Audience) .

2015 will see the release of Angus' much anticipated EP titled 'Monsters', Tour and Album to follow!

"There are Monsters Here"

“Beautiful – So heart breaking so beautiful”
Jen Long -BBC Radio one

‘Heart wrenching and cathartic’
Ally McCrae - BBC Radio One

‘Instantly evoking’
Ian Parker – For Folks Sake

‘One to watch’
Tom Robinson – Fresh on the Net /BBC radio

“Beautifully elusive”
Totally Vivid

“A postcard landscape, painted in sound”
Music City Post

“Unique and innovative”
Aoife Read MRU

“These lyrics are devastatingly real... They hit home hard”