artist: Wed Cunningham
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Wes Cunningham lived the dream and came back to Waco. 

His Warner Brothers release, Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking, carried him across North America in the late nineties, resonating with triple-A audiences who were into bands like Cake and Wilco.

After almost a couple decades between Nashville, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Wes chased the love of his life to Texas and had a family. In 2011, he wrote and starred in Sironia - an independent film, loosely based on his experience.

Wes’s current album, Alaska, is East Nashville alt-pop, born from Texas roots. An unschooled electric guitar, like John Lennon would’ve played. A slow country waltz, with a chorus swimming in Radiohead vocals. A vocal melody flirting with a major-seventh chord…because it’s cool.

He still writes songs every day.