2022 All-Star Game

The All-Star game finally made its way back to Dodger Stadium. The last time was 1980, I did not attend.

I have attended three others, all over the country.

I have added three photos the Futures Game.  This is something MLB should get right if you notice empty stands. These are future baseball stars, but they cobble together the game, with a celebrity game and concert, which should have had a daytime crowd but sadly a handful showed, and waited for later.

Home Run Derby I took a photo of Albert Puljols taking a swing, This is fun and just a pile of players swing for the fences in all their glory.

The Dodgers’ own Clayton Kershaw started the All-Star game. The first inning was actually the really fun inning with Kershaw picking Ohtani off first and the American league turning a fantastic double play. Quickly settled into excellent pitching and National League lost, again.

It was still fun and a nice event to attend for three days!



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