Sixteen Tambourines Reissued

The Three O’Clock first full length is being reissued.
We spent more time on this record and the band teamwork with Producer Earle Mankey can be heard through out the album.
It was finished and artwork needed to happen fast as we were starting a tour.
We had a photo session and spent a couple of hours looking at slides on a wall. We did not have time to overthink it.
Sadly the photo and art design did not work in the end, lots falls on everyone’s shoulders.
What are you gonna do?
Well decades later Yep Roc is releasing the record.
We toyed with trying to fix the photo.
In the end we were not happy.
We decided to mix things up. New art and no front cover. Two front covers on one sleeve, you decide which way suits you.
This photo session was taken around the same time in our anti-paisley clothing. Stockbrokers, or Louis preparing for his future banking career?


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