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Salad - always brilliantly odd and, some might say, lazily lumped in with that old Britpop scene. But cast your mind back - Salad were clearly ahead of their time and maybe sometimes just a little bit misunderstood by certain sections of the music press. But, hey, that might have happened to the Velvet Underground too.

Some people got it, sprinkling Single of the Week / Month from the get-go. Others might have been side tracked by Marijne’s profile as an MTV VJ and a former model. Who knows. But all that doesn't matter now as they are BACK.

Salad released their hit debut album Drink Me in 1995 featuring singles Drink the Elixir (which can still be heard cheering up the soundwaves on BBC 6Music) and Motorbike to Heaven. After a period of dormancy, while they tended to their geraniums, Paul and Marijne from Salad are back as Salad Undressed with Donald Ross Skinner (ex Julian Cope guitarist and producer).

Salad Undressed will be releasing their album ‘Good Love Bad Love’ in April 2018 through PledgeMusic and Three Bean Records. At the same time they will release ‘Nowhere Near’ as a free download single through PledgeMusic.

With the musical drawers in their heads wide open, using every colour available in their musical palette, but where every song is recognisably from the ‘Salad’ stable, (Not Salad table), because of Marijne’s unique vocal style and Paul’s sometimes surprising chord changes, they have recorded exactly the album they wanted to. The tracks veer between the abrasive and the melodic, stopping off along the way at Singer-Songwriterville, and off-kilter Rocktown.

Good Love Bad Love is a lyric-led concept album celebrating love...good and bad. There’s yearning, positivity, power games, relationship break ups, paranoia.

In 2016, 18 years after Salad split, Marijne went to see Paul do a solo gig. She was blown away by his set, but it was especially a new song Relationship Dust which sparked her interest in working together again.
In the wilderness years Donald & Paul wrote a ton of songs, some of which have happily made the cut of Good Love Bad Love.

Donald Ross Skinner came to prominence as teenage guitarist with Julian Cope, going on to produce some of his best-loved albums including Peggy Suicide. He has also produced Tiger, Strangelove, Prolapse, and others as well Salad’s ‘difficult 2nd album’ Ice Cream in 1997. He’s working with Steve Hewitt of Placebo as Love Amongst Ruin, and has toured as a member of Above and Beyond.

During the recording of Good Love Bad Love, hell froze over and the full Salad band got back together to play the Indie Daze Festival 2017 (with Donald taking over the drum role from Rob). They have a headlining tour set for April 2018, and a new Salad album planned for later in the year, but that’s a different story...

Here’s the 12 song tracklisting and a little something about each one...
Being Human: A subverted Blues. A love song to the human race. “I’ve done a lot of things, but this is off the page.”

Evergreen: A song whispered on the wind. “You don't need to save me...I’m an Evergreen.”

Relationship Dust: Break-up song. “Who’s gonna get the Steely Dan? Here’s a clue...I am.”

Nowhere Near: A song of longing, in a Bacharach/David vein, featuring a heartbeat motif Paul came up with on the way to the passport office. “You think I like you, you’re nowhere near...”

Door: Rejection hurts. The Fall meet Kenny Rogers in a dark alleyway. “You open the door with your eyes.”

I Love The Doctor: Live capture of an acoustic Joni Mitchell singer-songwriter type mood, dare we say? “We were meant to be together, the Doc and me.”

Moonshine: Small-town America, featuring the irresistible bad boy wooing the impressionable lass from the other side of the railroad tracks. “I’ve got some moonshine in my sack, and once you’ve tasted it there’s no going back.”

We’ll Never Meet: A love letter from a fan to the film star she’ll never meet, set to a Motorik beat. “I’ll never know what it’s like to miss you.”

Princes & Fools : “Of all the princes and all the fools, I choose you, but I don't understand the rules.” Beware the Fool’s Dance...

Blue Cold Eyes: An ode to a mesmerizing partner. “I’m not free, but I find it hard to disagree with your blue cold eyes.”

Hyacinth: Aubrey Beardsley meets Greek mythology. The Volga Boatmen meet Morricone. “I knew you were the special one.”

Fine: A Marijne solo performance to finish off the album. “I no longer need to lie to myself.”

Good Love Bad Love - Album Launch - Thursday 29th March - 93 Feet East - 150 Brick Lane - London - E1 6QL