We Get Press … and More Press!

Part 1 of Gospel

NARAS calls…Talked on the panel, got more CD’s then I thought was possible, Alex Patsavas used her husband and his getaway car, and left without one CD. I am still listening, and I got hate mail for taking the time to listen, what gives kids???


Gospel Part 2
More press anyone?

Eastern Promises
Starring Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts
Movie of the month! Is it The Departed for 07?
Acting is great, supporting cast is superb (Jerzy Skolimowski)
There are a couple scenes that I can’t mention. Let’s just say you won’t forget them and leave it at that!

Party Shuffle AKA..what is on the home mix…Last Five…or last Eight
1. Little Girl-John Mayall with Eric Clapton Yes I get the blues…
2.The Word-The Beatles It’s Autumn,it’s time for Rubber Soul
3.Hang On To Yourself-David Bowie (Live At The BBC)
4.Green Fields (Demo)-The Good,The Bad & The Queen
5.Racing Stripe Winter-Red Heart The Ticker-A really wonderful song!
6.Be Good Baby-Jackie DeShannon Little known Fact…I do the hanclaps on this 60’s record from the UK with Jimmy Page..true…but how did I do that???
7. An Hour Before The Light-The Clientele
8.What Makes You Happy-Liz Phair
Playing now!
Queen Jane-(Live) Mott The Hoople Love MTH! Always have always will!!!

– Danny


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