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Fletcher C. Johnson

Mike Sempert’s music is equal parts heart and craft. His songs span genres from indie-folk to art-pop while exploring inner life and outer cosmos. His original songs have been licensed for television by ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix’ Bloodline and many more.

While living in the Bay Area of California, Sempert led the band Birds & Batteries, writing and producing five critically acclaimed albums and performing hundreds of shows around the US. Pitchfork described their 2009 EP Up To No Good as “a high-concept mashup of two of the slickest eras of pop production.” In 2014, Sempert put the synths down and made Mid Dream, a singer-songwriter opus influenced by 70s soft-rock and hailed by the Bay Bridged as an “an absolute stunner.”

2016’s Tend the Flame was both a return to form and a creative step forward from the Birds & Batteries sound, with a focus on groove, disregard for genre and an ambitious production style. The album features the single “Distance.”

Sempert’s third solo album, Reunion of Sparks was released on Infinity Maps, July 9th, 2019 which Sempert describes as “if Randy Newman had a sincere spiritual crisis a la Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden or Peter Gabriel’s Us.”

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