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CHAI is an adventure where all-things are Pink, a sound that fuses the likings of Basement Jaxx, CSS, and Tom Tom Club, lyrics catered to self-empowerment and re-defining the definition of “kawaii” or cute, and indescribably fun visuals that’ll surely absorb you whole!

The 4-piece band from Nagoya, Japan consists of identical twins MANA (voc/keys), KANA (gt/cho), YUUKI (ba/cho), and YUNA (dr/cho) bound together in 2015. CHAI’s concept of “NEOkawaii” or new cute derived from personal experiences where they simply did not fit into society’s standard of “cute.” This concept has drawn in audiences world-wide and can be best described in their hit single, “N.E.O.”, from their 1st album PINK.

This adventure would lead them to US indie label Burger Records who released PINK in February 2018 followed by their “We Are CHAI” Tour, their first US tour with performances throughout California as well as several stages at SXSW. The adventure didn’t end there, as CHAI was subsequently picked up by UK-based Heavenly Recordings, and released a limited version of PINK in October 2018. Following their Heavenly release, the band joined popular indie pop band, Superorganism, on their UK tour!

The adventure continues as the band will be releasing their 2nd album, PUNK, this upcoming March and a return to the US with tour stops at SXSW 2019, DC, Idaho, Seattle, Portland, and more!

Pitchfork says, “a mix of ambition, sincerity, and palpable excitement seems to manifest everything they do: their genre-defying recordings, their thrilling performances, and their graciousness in person.”

Noisey UK says, “everything about CHAI seems to indicate that they’re destined for success. They have a strong message, an arresting aesthetic and a short but sweet back catalogue that’s both infectious and experimental.”

“PUNK” for us, of course, is not the genre of music.
“PUNK” to us, is to overturn the worn out values associated with “kawaii” or “cute” created up until this point…
“PUNK” is a word that expresses a strong sense of self.  “To be yourself more, to become the person you truly want to be, to believe in yourself in every instance and live; chest out.”
To be free like a child, being able to be honest with one’s desires, and for everyone to be able to live as they are,
CHAI’s “PUNK” resonates.

The impressionable jacket cover theme of “the laughing girl who breaks through the shell” is: “Hello, New me!”
Up until this point we’ve disclosed ourselves they way we are, positively declaring various negatives.
Our Bassist Yuuki made the illustration based on this idea.

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