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Hammered Satin

Hammered Satin is a “Junkshop Glam” style Rock N Roll Band from Los Angeles. They formed in late 2010. As soon as 2011 they opened for the glam rock supergroup, The Ark, touring in Sweden. Rolling Stone Magazine premiered their music video for Foxy Dude which was filmed in New York City. The song is off their debut album on Burger Records, entitled, Glamorama. Foxy Dude made number 19 on Rolling Stone and Yahoo! Musics top 20 music videos of 2014. In 2016 Hammered Satin were drawn as cartoons in a episode of Mr. Peabody and Sherman performing their song Joan of Arc. A number of their songs have been played on the Rodney Bingenheimer Radio Show and TV shows such as Showtime’s, Dice. The band has toured the US, Europe, and Canada since the album’s release and will return to Europe this August 2018.

 Since Glamorama, Hammered Satin has released a number of 7” 45 type vinyl singles that look identical to a Junkshop Glam 70’s picture sleeve. Songs like Strawberries N’ Cream, UFO, Reptilian, Good Little Girl, Lavender Lightning Lady, Upward Spiral and the new 2018 release Silver Streak are all meticulously recorded to sound as if they were from the 70’s in an effort to stay true to the underground rock n roll agenda. Which holds a great deal of significance to their fans and the band members themselves. Core members have always been lead vocalist Noah Wallace, lead guitarist Conor Behrle and bassist Dan Sandvick. Now new additions have been made to the 2018 lineup with Elizabeth Boyd on second guitar and Victor Penalosa on drums.

“They are embodying the sound of the 70’s rockers. With a singer

who is taking influences from David Bowie and Robert Plant. You’ve got subtle yet ever important bass lines with guitar solos that should make Deep Purple proud. You can hear Thin Lizzy, Bowie, and a bit of the Ramones. They may look glam on stage, but don’t be fooled – they will knock you out cold with one single blast of their guitars.”

– Gears of Music

“L.A.’s Hammered Satin are a band from an alternate universe where John Lydon never moved past selling acid at Hawkwind shows, and where punk and post-punk didn’t happen ’til T. Rex was damn good and ready to leave the spotlight. That means a universe full of fabulous outfits, of course, but that also means Heavy Metal Kids, The Jook and Milk ‘N’ Cookies would’ve been all over the charts — which would’ve made Hammered Satin a lot easier to explain to a 2016 L.A. that might look at these guys and think, “Are we doing hair metal again?” No, man — we’re doing hard-edged, ’70s-style, teenage discotheque crunchers, crushers and stompers, just like Marc Bolan would’ve wanted. It’s too sweet to be punk but too punk to be The Sweet — or half-hammered, half-satin, just like the name promises.”

– LA Weekly

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