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Scott Howard

“Growing up, I was always playing music. My mom sang opera and I was a stagehand. Since my son Maxx was tragically taken from me, my life has a new purpose. I’m working with charities to help young adults and the children of our world with poScott Howard is riding a musical wave on a path to enlightenment figuratively & literally, with his latest album ‘Ascended Man”. Scott has returned to the frequencies used thousands of years ago when our world was healthy and tuned to 432 Hz, the same frequency touted by Tesla and the Ascended Men of our past such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. His Source, though, not classical; Scott Howard’s music is a fine-tuned cornucopia world of rock, adult contemporary and pop with soul inspiring lyrics like those of Dylan and Plant under a smooth harmonious voice reminiscent of Cat Stevens, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. With visually Inspired, Catchy and vibrant lyrics, anyone looking for depth and hidden spirit will resonate with the messages from the various tunes on Howard’s album “Ascended Man”. Scotts deep lyrics will also provide a glimpse into a world of intricate philosophies, ancient secrets, and a boatload of mystery all performed at 432 Hz.

Howard’s path seems as though it were written in the stars. Born to an entrepreneurial opera star in New York State, Scott Howard’s mother began the Long Island Lyric Opera Company which torpedoed him into the world of inspiring, finely tuned, and well-organized music of the past. Before being able to read, Howard learned to compose and write music, and quickly began playing any instrument which had the pleasure to cross his path. Trumpet, tuba, guitar, and keyboards are only a few of the many instruments Scott Howard has learned to play in his ever expanding musical & spiritual journey. His first band, The Gemini 6, formed of neighborhood friends, began his love of playing with others and sharing the joy of mathematical perfection that is the harmony of music.

In the meandering walk of life, though, Scott Howard has worn down many paths. While working as a high powered executive for several different business entities, married with children, trials of divorce and the extreme heart break of the passing of his son at a young age, his bittersweet human journey has helped Scott relive his hard lessons of life in music which immediately attracts listeners and opens their minds as well as hearts. “I believe we are all going through our journey, good, bad, and thus music always plays an important role in healing …so I put my soul into every melody and lyric that I write,” he says…as they must be real & naked and cathartic to heal”. From the multitude of outreach he receives from fans, it is clear that his approach is delivering just what the masses are looking for.

Scott Howard has released three full albums including his latest, “Ascended Man,” on which he has worked with major players in the industry such as hitmaker Producer, Marc Tanner (Madonna, Aerosmith, Wilson Phillips) and multi-Grammy winner and legendary engineer/mixer, David Thoener (David Bowie, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Rob Thomas). Howard, who has performed at top tier venues throughout the country, awaits the day when he can fulfill his ultimate goal of performing at the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. “There is nothing more important to me than performing, offering joy and connecting with my fans.” says Howard, who is changing the world with literally uplifting and inspiring songs that promote healing and happiness for every listener. Check out Scott Howard online at www.ScottHowardMusic.com and find his album Ascended Man on all streaming platforms.

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