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Weird Night

THIS IS WEIRD NIGHT is the fifth studio album by Southern California punk rock/pop rock band Weird Night who up until late 2017 was formerly known as White Night. It is the first record featuring the most current lineup that is: bassist/ vocalist Jon Raines, lead guitarist/vocalist Frank Agnew Jr., keyboardist Troy Rounseville, guitarist Kevin Carle and drummer Mike Gonzales. Members of Weird Night have previously played in numerous Southern California bands that include but are not limited to: Pterodacdudes, Thee Makeout Party, Killer Dreamer, Four Letter Words and The Adolescents. The band’s sound is hard to nail down but pulls from numerous influences and covers a lot of musical ground.  When asked, they said the best description from a friend was “Like Hawkwind meets Beach Blvd Comp.” but they acknowledge that they land much closer in the punk and pop realm than that of any psych band.

The record was tracked in the living room and garage of The Dudes house in Fullerton, CA mostly by the band but with some help from Andrew Schubert, Jeremiah Uraine, and Dustin Apodaca and then later mixed by Mark Bolton out of Brea, CA.

The band has toured the U.S. multiple times and Japan once. They have plans to again tour the states for the release of their new record and are in the process of booking a Southeast Asia tour for 2020 and look to eventually book trips to South America and Europe.

They have released records on Burger Records, Recess Records, Dead Broke Rekerds, No Breaks Records and Repulsion Records.

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