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Your Turn – Project Runway, iTunes Sports
The width and depth of the bass, the distorted guitars, and the torn-up brass riffs stand in perfect opposition to the tightness of the beat – everything is chopped and processed to create an intense feeling of continuous development. Your Turn speaks to a desire to seize an opportunity and fulfill your potential.

Be Boss – Porsche
Be Boss is about rising above. It is a classic groove made fresh. Organic, warm, and alive with guitars, hand claps, and piano – while at the same time undeniably modern and tech with effective EDM elements and a vocal that is charmingly unrealistic in pitch and sliced to pieces and even turned into a tune – just for the fun of it.

Know What You’re About – Netflix, Hulu, The Lost City (Official Trailer)
The ultimate empowerment song. All good vibes from the bounce of the beat and the bassline to the flow of the horns onto the words on top, speaking directly to the tenacity it takes to unfold your potential – both to yourself and the world. The track is propelled by such different features as a children’s choir and a jazzy piano part, keeping it playful and unexpected.
Full Tilt – Apple
In many ways, the playground and free space that is MGHTY music making are fully showcased on Full Tilt – a mixture of old-school hip hop, chopped synths, and an intransigent vocal pushes the track to entertain and evolve in fresh, original ways constantly.

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