4417 Bellingham Ave Studio City CA. 91604

p: 818-429-4383


Oakland’s Impediments are the real deal — they recorded their eponymous debut album when all four members were still in high school. Infatuated with American punk ‘n’ roll from the 1970s, “LeAnn” opens with a pointed boogie-woogie riff pounded on a piano as the band taps into that short-lived moment in time when bands like The Real Kids played twisted 1950s rock ‘n’ roll on ramshackle pawnshop gear. Singer Nick Allen sings and screams like a young John Felice on “Stoned To Bed” before spewing out lyrics like Jabbers-era G.G. Allin on “(Don’t) Mess Me Around,” a tune where Chuck Berry riffs get strained through a filter forged by bygone bands like The Dead Boys and The Dictators. The band’s stellar rhythm section stands out on “Violence,” a heavily reverberated three-minute long temper-tantrum of infectiously catchy raw punk.

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