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Vilma Flood


Coming out of a 2 year long process, with a break-up, a new relationship,

moving to a new town and a new job, Swedish songwriter Vilma Flood’s

forthcoming, sophomore album ”Moodswinger” is 11 tracks reflecting that

precise change. Her sound has gotten more organic and unaffected, touching a

rawer vibe in a sense.

Vilma and famed producer Tobias Fröberg explores musical landscape way

beyond the blues- and country influenced sounds of her 2016 debut album.

”Moodswinger” was recorded at Fröberg’s studio on the Swedish island

Gotland in the darkest hours of December, with a constant fire going to keep

the cold out.

Inspiration was drawn from the following artists, all tied together by their

strong voices, dark lyrics and fragile, detailed soundscapes: Melanie Safka, Ane

Brun, Leonard Cohen, Karen Dalton and Alela Diane. The tracks were built

around the pedal steel, slide guitar, big sounding drums, harmony vocals and

Vilma’s vibrating, immediately recognizable voice.

”Moodswinger” will be released on April 26th, with first single ”Fan of You”

out now!

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