4417 Bellingham Ave Studio City CA. 91604

p: 818-429-4383

Mikah Wilson

L.A. multi-instrumentalist/producer Mikah Wilson is working from a ’60s sunshine soul that indulges in earnest ’70s pop. Taking The Beach Boys (talkin’ Pet Sounds years here) on a lovelorn wander through the transistor wires, Wilson has created a vision of honest pop that’s echoing Paul McCartney and Emitt Rhodes in the best ways. In every sense of the phrase, “they don’t make ’em like this anymore.” Wilson has gone feral in his wide-eyed sincerity with his latest crystal shimmering EP, Sunshine Grooves. A genuine love-letter not only to those artists that laid their saccharine souls down all those years before, but to pop as a statement of purpose.

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