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Foggy Tapes

Indica: 30%, Sativa: 70%

Operating since 2015, this quartet from Toulouse won’t quit bashing whoever wants to listen with their “Acid Western, Spaghetti Surf, Chicano Psych”

Behind this hazardous cluster of words hides what is truly a sweet garage-pop in a 60’s sauce made up of crystal-clear guitars, a dab of lo-fi, a generous tape echo, and some very harmonious vocal harmonies —on a good night—.

This sketchy clique originally dreamt of opening for its favorite bands passing through town (The Shivas, White Fence, The Growlers, etc.).

Grappling in the “pink city” to find an available studio to rehearse in, they sharpened their three-part harmonies by the coffee table, taking notes from the all-girl vocal groups they cherish (The Shirelles, The Ronettes, etc.). After their first EP You Shouldn’t Stick Around, released on Dead Bees Records in May 2016 with a big Toulouse rager with their heroes The Abigails, they are now presenting their first album: Cogito Ergo Fog.

The LP is a sort of manifesto that celebrates their undying love of surf, country, psych and garage music all along its eleven tracks. Entirely recorded and mixed on cassette by the band, it wants itself an invitation to share a bit of couch and ashtray just long enough to forget that tomorrow the alarm clock will ring like it does every morning.

Cogito Ergo Fog comes out on August 30th 2019 on Howlin Banana Records, Lunadélia Records, Le Cèpe Records et Le Dude en Pierre du Square du Temple.

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