Natural Energy Lab News:

Broad City licensed "A Sickness" by Roya

Good Game licensed "I Got The Moves" by Habibi

The Blacklist licensed "Before I Sleep" by Marika Hackman

Rockband licensed "Stupid Girl" by Garbage for Video Game

Film Daisy Winters licensed "Monsters" by Angus Powell

Lifeproof licensed "Runaway" by Grape Street for Ad

Volcom licensed "Cosmic Flower" by Levitation Room for Ad

Recent Natural Energy Lab News

The Honor Farm (film) licensed "Tascam's Revenge & "Sundial" by Abrahams

Dice licensed "Lonely Tiger" by Hammered Satin

Alamo Drafthouse licensed "Judy" by Sam Coffey

Good Game licensed "Corazon De Poeta" by Panderia

Jose Cuervo licensed "Real Love" by Michael Rault

Valentino (designer) licensed "Desert Island" by Mystic Braves for campaign

King Of The Road licensed "Al" by White Night

King Of The Road licensed "L'Accident" by Juniore

King Of The Road licensed "Eego Game" by Massenger

King Of The Road licensed "Hustle Hard" by ll Tone

King Of The Road licensed "Darlin" by Summer Twins

King Of The Road licensed "The Lords Chirp" by Roya

Travel Chanel licensed "Cover Up" by Gap Dream

Billabong licensed "Motorcycle One" by Cosmonauts for commercial

RVCA licensed "Dreams" by Dirt Dress

Vissla licensed "Shaker" by Cosmonauts


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