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Cadence Kid "Hold On Me"
  "Favorite Foe"
The Cake Sale - Oxfam    
Katherine Calder    
William Campbell & Kevin MacNeil - Fantastic Plastic    
Canasta - Minty Fresh    
Candy Now! - Burger "Ever Loving You"
Canon  - Mercy Records    
Rachel Cantu    
Captain Wilberforce - Captain Wilberforce    
Capitol K    
Cardigans - Minty Fresh    
Dave Carter - Fast Horse    
The Cartographers    
Peter Case - Alive Records    
Cassettes Won’t Listen  - Definitive Jux    
Michael Cassidy    
Cassorla "Bona Fide" (with Aubrey Plaza)
Casual Squares - Media Creature    
Catchers - Setanta    
Caural - Mush Records    
Veloura Vaywood Burger  
Deelay Celay - Badman    
Marina Celeste - PIAS    
Guy Chadwick - Setanta    
The Chalets - Setanta "Nightrocker"
  "No Style"
  "Theme From Chalets"
Billy Changer - Burger Band of Brothers
Channel - Burger    
Cheeky Monkey - Shoeshine    
Alanna Cherote - Sparks Music "Tommy"
Cheryll Burger  
Chevron Shawl "Piece of the Pie"
The Chicharones - Chicharones    
Chikita Violenta - Arts & Crafts "Tired"
Billy Childish With Armitage Shanks - Damaged Goods Records    
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire - Damaged Goods Records    
The Childrens Hour - Minty Fresh "Nearby Room"
Chimes & Bells - Tigerspring Records "Do The Right"
Chow Chow - Fantastic Plastic    
Chris T-T - Xtra Mile Recordings "Love Is Not Rescue"
Elvis Christ Burger  
Crystals - Burger    
Citizen Bird - Stinky Records    
Allen Clapp & His Orchestra Minty Fresh  
Josh Clayton-Felt    
Natalia Clavier - ESL    
John Clelland - Shoeshine    
Climber - Sparklet Records "Animal Song"
  "Common Neurosis"
  "We Are The New Man"
Clorox Girls - Burger "Emergency"
Club 8 - Minty Fresh / Labrador Records  
  "Give Me Love"
  "Swimming with the Tide"
Cocosuma - Minty Fresh    
Sam Coffey And The Iron Lung Burger  
Coffin Lids - Bomp    
Col. Knowledge & The Lickity Splits - Alive    
Cold Arizona "On A Hill"
Oliver Cole    
John Wesley Coleman    
Edwyn Collins    
Paul Collins - Alive "Don't Blame Your Troubles On Me"
  "Only Girl"
Colourmusic - Memphis Industries "Put In A Little Gas"
Ikara Colt - Epitaph/Fantastic Plastic    
Juliette Commagere - Aeronaut    
Thee Commons "Su Sonrisa"
Communist Daughter - Grain Belt "Ghosts"
  "Not The Kid"
Conspiracy Of Owls - Burger  
The Conspirators - Freshly Squeezed Music    
Cool Ghouls Burger  
Roland Cosio - Burger "Live This Way"
The Cosmonauts "What Me Worry?"
  "Doom Generation"
Costar - Rec 90    
Count Vaseline "Cascade"
Cowboy Racer "Fly My Plane"
The Cowboy Rapture    
Cracker - Back Porch    
Dennis Crommett  - Signature Sounds    
Crooked Still    
Crown City Rockers - Basement Records    
Crystales "When It's Over"
Karima Cunliffe - Kitchen Ware    
Wes Cunningham - Pentavarit "Good Good Feeling"
  "People Will Say Anything"
Cumstain Burger  
Cut Off Your Hands - IAmSound Recordings    
The Cute Lepers    
Cutty Flam- Burger    
Cyanide Pills - Damaged Goods Records    
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