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Tacks, The Boy Disaster Ark Recordings
Sofia Talvik  
Aaron Taos "Ill"
Takuya Ism Records
Tall Hands Pulse Recordings
Clive Tanaka Burger Records  
The Tears Independiente
Teenage Burritos- Burger    
Teitur Cheap Lullaby
The Telescopes Bomp!
The Tellers PIAS  
Katelyn Tarver "Start Over"
Tequila Jay Burger    
The Testers- Burger Records    
The 88 EMK/Mootron
  additional track
Thee Commons - Burger "Salvatica"
Thee Goochi Boiz Burger  
Thee Headcoatees Damaged Goods Records  
Thee Makeout Party Burger  
Thee Rain Cats Burger  
Theory Of Everything
Three "Tijuana"
The Three O'clock "Cantaloupe Girlfriend"
Thomas Function Alive
Thou See Thru Broadcasting
A Thousand Wild    
Tiger High "Alright"
The Tills "Holy Roller"
Tinariwen Independiente
Titiyo Minty Fresh
Three Blind Mice Minty Fresh
Through The Sparks Skybucket Records
Thunderball ESL
Those Pretty Wrongs - Burger    
Tiny Vipers Lucky Horse Industries
T-Model Ford Alive  
Todayshits Burger  
The Tough Shits Burger  
Total Recluse    
Tomorrows Tulips - Burger "Mr. Sun"
  "Glued To You"
Fuzz Townshend Stinky
Trainwreck Riders Alive
Travis Independiente
Trembling Bells "Killing Time in London Fields"
Trementina - Burger "Oh Child"
Tribeca Labrador Records
Bobb Trimble Burger  
Trost Minty Fresh
The Trouble with Sweeny Burnt Toast Vinyl
The Tubs Rec 90
Turn Setanta
Turpentine Brothers Alive
Dwight Twilley    
Twin Atlas Twin Atlas
Twink Burger  
Two Gallants Alive
II Tone - Burger "Tha Club House Click-Pimpin'"
Tyranis Burger  
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