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Tarek Wagner - Burger    
Walking Papers Loud & Proud  
Kate Walsh Kitchenware
Boe Weaver    
Wendy Wang "Motivos"
  "Be New"
  "Baby Let Me In"
  "A Million Miles Away"
Dean Wareham "Emancipated Heart"
  "The Dancer Disappears"
Warm - Burger    
Wax Witches Burger Records  
Wayward Shamans Fast Horse Recordings
We Are Standard Minty Fresh
We Are Sound Still Life Records  
We Know, Plato!  
Ted Wendler    
Wendy and Annaliese Burn Like Stars
Western Plaza - Burger    
The Western States Motel Firebird Field Recordings
  "All The Stars"
Lise Westzynthius Minty Fresh
Whalebones Lucky Horse Industries
Tim Wheater Almo Sounds
Whirlwind Heat Brille
White Fang - Burger "Bong Rip"
White Night - Burger    
White Shoes & The Couples Company Minty Fresh
Whopper Rec 90
Whyte Horses "Snowfalls"
Wife Vs Seretary  
Andre Williams    
Desmond Williams ESL
Kathryn Williams Caw Records
Willoughby "This Will Be Your Drink"
Winter "Jaded"
Winterpills Signature Sounds
  "Pretty Girls"
Willie Wisely October  
Wisheswerefishes Burger  
David Woodcock "Same Things"
Hilary Woods "Sabbath"
AAron Wright    
Wrongkong Minty Fresh
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