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12 Stone Toddler "My Machine"
The 88 - The 88 "Save Me"
  "Close To You"
  "Do You Love Me"
  "You Are In Love"
  "I Saw the Light That Day"
  "Center Of The Sun"
  "Think You Broke My Heart"
1990s - 1990s "Double Espresso"
  "The Box"
  "What's Up With The Midnight Me"
A House - Setanta  
The Abilgails- Burger Records Twenty-Nine
Bola Abimbola - Fast Horse Recording  
Abrahams "Gonzalez"
  "Renault Jazz"
Absentee - Memphis Industries  
Acid Casuals  
Acid House Kings - Labrador Records  
The Acorn  - Paper Bag Records  
Acting Strange "Sharp End"
Admlithi "4UYET"
Aerial - Fantastic Plastic  
Aesop Rock - Definitive Jux  
The Lafayette Afro Rock Band "Darkest Light"
Agoria - PIAS    
Airliner - Minty Fresh  
Air Conditioning School "Busymore"
Aj Davila y Terror Amor Burger  
Kate Akhurst - Beverly Martel  
Alamo Race Track - Minty Fresh  
Alexkid - PIAS    
Alfa 9 - Blow Up "The We Begin"
  "My Sweet Movida"
Rahim Alhas - Fast Horse Recording  
Alias - Anticon  
Alias Kid 365  
Amy Allison - Shoeshine Records  
All India Radio - Minty Fresh  
All Tomorrows Party - Alive  
Alla - Minty Fresh  
Herb Alpert - Almo Sounds  
The Aluminum Group - Minty Fresh  
Eric Ambel  
Amber Arcades "ITGWO"
And The Kids - Signature Sounds "All Day All Night"
Anders & Woods  
Lindsay Anderson - Minty Fresh  
Drew Andrew - Minty Fresh  
Angelica - Fantasic Plastic  
Annaliese Transparency
  Easy Livin'
  March On
  Stay Gone
  Don't Say Anything
Another Blue Door - Stinky  
Apache Burger  
The Aquadolls Burger Records  
Iain Archer - PIAS    
Dan Arborise - Just Music  
Tom Armstrong - Shoeshine  
Arkestra One - ESL  
As We Leave - Long Gone Lime  
Asher D - Independiente  
Ashtray Boy Minty Fresh  
Astrid - Fantastic Plastic  
Federico Aubele - ESL  
Audacity - Burger    
Axe Riverboy - Minty Fresh  
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