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Fade Up Fade Out - Burger    
Jason Falkner "Emotion Machine"
"Lost Myself"
  "The Neighbor"
Daiquiri Fantomas Blow Up  
Farewell Dear Ghost Minty Fresh  
The Farm League "Roller Skate"
FCS North - Lucky Horse Industries    
Feeding People  - Burger    
The Felines - Burger "Pity For Your Eyes"
Martha Ffion "Wallflower"
Field Music - Memphis Industries "(I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing"
Brad Fillatre    
Lysa Fina - Lysa Fina "Maryanne"
Fire Through The Window "Golden"
Firefox AK - Minty Fresh    
Firstborn - independiente    
Dudu Fisher - Jewish Music Group    
Fisk Industries - Mush Records    
Flag Of The Shiners (now known as State Radio) - Fenway    
Cutty Flam - Sugga  
Flamin’ Groovies Burger "Crazy Macy"
Flash Express - Hit it Now "Movin' It"
Sam Flax "Fire Doesn't Burn Itself"
The Flytraps - Burger    
Lysa Fina    
Fire Chief Charlie    
Fire At Sea "Already Lovers"
Johnny Five - Media Creature    
Floraline - Minty Fresh    
The FlyTraps - Burger "LeadFoot"
David Ford - Independiente "I Don't Care What You Call Me"
Forgiveness - Jewish Music Group    
Fort Lauderdale - Memphis Industries    
The Forward    
Mark Fosson - Drag City    
Jeffrey Foucault - Signature Sounds Recordings    
Kim Fowley - Shoeshine Records    
Julie Fowlis - Shoeshine Records    
Karima Francis - Kitchenware Records    
The Frank & Walters - Setanta    
Frank Smith - Ye Olde Records    
Ron Franklin - Alive    
Free Weed Burger  
The Freezing Hands - Burger "Comeback Kid"
Freshly Squeezed    
Friends for Heros - Minty Fresh    
Froth - Burger "Nothing Baby"
The Fuel - Rec 90    
Fugu - Minty Fresh    
Chris Funkle "Soarin'"
Tony Furtado - Funzalo Records    
Fuzz Puddle Burger  
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